Find me @ PodCamp Toronto 2011

This weekend, the new media community will take over Ryerson University for PodCamp Toronto 2011.  The un-conference, now in its fifth year, connects content creators and communicators through self-provided programming. One of the most unique aspects of this un-conference is the concept of “Two Feet”, that is, if participants find themselves not learning from or contributing to a session, they’re welcome to take their two feet and move somewhere they will.

Seeing as this is my first year in Toronto since the camp’s inception (I spent four years doing my undergrad at Queen’s University in Kingston), I couldn’t be more excited to take in the programming. After poring over the schedule, I’ve settled on my first-choice sessions.

*all descriptions from the PodCamp Toronto website

Saturday Feb. 26, 2011

9:45 – Agency Panel: How the rise of social media changed their disciplines (RCC-154

There has been a lot of talk about which discipline is best suited to counsel clients on social media. That was a fun five years ago, but agencies of all stripes have evolved to where social is more than a buzzword. It’s a strategic imperative being driven from within and without companies large and small.

A lively panel representing many of Toronto’s leading agencies will provide a glimpse into this new reality for agencies and the clients for whom they work.

Panelists include:

Ad agency – Ed Lee, DDB

Integrated agency – Collin Douma, Proximity BBDO

PR agency – Brendan Hodgson, Hill & Knowlton

Social media agency – Maggie Fox, Social Media Group

Word-of-mouth agency – Matthew Stradiotto, Matchstick

Social media consultant – Mark Evans
Moderator – David Jones, Proximity BBDO

Stereotypes will be smacked down and myths will be busted in what’s sure to be a controversial discussion.



10:30 – Die, Hype, Die. Getting back to the fundamentals (RCC-204)

There’s no lack of gurus and cheerleaders urging you to get on board, join the conversation, engage your users, and assorted other slogans.

Whether it’s social media, SEO, SEM, e-mail marketing, mobile or what-have-you, every marketer and their dog is trying to convince you to listen to them.

But how do you cut through the hype & hyperbole and find out what you really need to do online?

In this session you’ll learn about the fundamentals that make electronic communications work and what you need to do to give your work the best chance of success.

Mark Farmer has 13 years’ experience in electronic communications, working in the non-profit & for-profit world for everything from one-man operations to multinationals such as IBM Global Services and TransCanada PipeLines. Currently he’s leading a year-long redesign project for the web at Canada’s largest museum, the Royal Ontario Museum.

He is the founder and chief webhead at and blogs at

11:30 – We are no longer in a suit and tie world, the changing culture of business (RCC-203)

We are no longer in a suit and tie world, the changing culture of business explores the increasing change of how business is done, and what future employees should be mindful of. 

Over the last 17 years, business has dramatically changed from widgets being made in factories, to selling ideas and innovations. Although most students leaving post-secondary school have grown-up with the internet, few realize how it has impacted their business opportunities & threats.

We’ll explore the impacts of Social Media, Google, and the creation of a Global Community on business and how having a polished resume will no longer get you that “dream-job.”

Finally, as a professional speaker, Josh Muirhead at Socialmark Media will touch on presenting, one of the most important elements to finding success within any industry.

1:45 – 10 No nonsense ways social media can be used in your business (RCC-224)

Who has time for #@!*%$ social media? This question is often posed by busy worker bees – especially those in traditional, slow moving industries – that struggle to keep up with the demands of their daily operations, let alone spend time updating their Twitter status.

Join entrepreneur Mark Graham (RIGHTSLEEVE.COM) as he discusses experiences about his company’s journey with social media and some of the ways he has used web 2.0 platforms to generate meaningful ROI. Examples include contests, customer service, crisis management and integrating web 2.0 right into your business operations.


Mark Graham is the founder of an online promotional products company, RIGHTSLEEVE.COM. The industry he operates in is 100+ years old and has long struggled to keep up with technology. Since inception, RIGHTSLEEVE has used the web and social media to differentiate within a crowded and mature industry. RIGHTSLEEVE won the Dell SMB Excellence Award in 2009 for the creative use of technology.

2:45 – Naked Dating (RCC-201)

In today’s age of social media, real-time communication and multi-platform flirting, do the old rules of dating apply? What are the major faux pas? Can you meet Mr./Mrs. Right on Foursquare? What are the social media rules on etiquette when you break up?

This panel will explore dating in a digital world: finding love on Twitter, getting dumped on Facebook and everything in between.

We will also have fun with stories of Twitter DM fails, how social media dating can fail (and win!) and how to flirt on Twitter without getting blocked.

Jeremy Wright @jeremywright
Melissa Smich @smichm

3:30 – What Price Integrity? (RCC-357)

Blogging and social media have become huge areas of opportunity for bloggers and companies looking to use these bloggers to promote their products and/or services.

Marketers, PR, affiliate vendors – they all use bloggers as a key part of their sales and promotional toolset now.

But as the opportunities have grown, so have the questionable practices. This session will look at the legalities of blog advertising; disclosure; examples of good and bad blog promotions; and the future of blogs being used as a promotional medium.

Danny Brown: @DannyBrown
Gini Dietrich: @GiniDietrich
Eden Spodek: @EdenSpodek

4:30 – Social Media Trends for Business in 2011

You’ve established a presence on social media and mastered the basics. What’s next? What’s coming down the pipe and what are the leaders in the field thinking about? What can you do to take it to the next level?

In this rapid-fire session, Dave Fleet, Vice President of Digital at Edelman, will share his insights into key trends to expect in 2011. Learn how to build upon your existing relationships and communities by optimizing your use of social media, now and down the road

Now you know where to find me on Saturday.  Please introduce yourself if you see me – I’m friendly, I swear!

If you haven’t signed up for PodCamp Toronto 2011 yet, you have two days to do so – hop to it here.

Which sessions will you be attending? What do you think of my choices? Let me know in the comments!