First Look: InfinitiPRO by Conair Curl Secret

A few weeks ago, a mysterious invite landed in my inbox. It read like a riddle: “it’s not a curling iron, yet it creates a perfect head of curls in 15 minutes every time”. As someone who curls her hair with an iron pretty much every day, it sounded exactly like the type of device I would throw all my money at so I was immediately excited.

Malaparte Desserts

Gathered in the beautiful Malaparté at Bell TIFF Lightbox in Toronto, I’m pretty sure it was the first time I ever heard an audible gasp at a beauty reveal. Seriously. As the models danced into the room, we noticed their heads of gorgeous curls, ranging from tight coils to bouncy curls. We looked on as the Curl Secret by Conair was revealed, gasping as the device seemingly sucked the model’s hair in and, 12 seconds and three beeps later, released a perfect spiral.

Watch it on loop a few times, trust me. It’s super cool. I’m told it will work best on freshly washed & dried hair and that it’ll work just as well on naturally curly hair as on hard-to-curl textures.

The Conair Curl Secret is the world’s first fully-automatic curl machine designed for at-home use. Heating up in 30 seconds, the unit automatically draws hair into the tourmaline-coated curl chamber, where hair is heated and curled. You never touch the curling mechanism! After the desired time has elapsed – 8 seconds for looser curls, 10 for mid-tight curls and 12 for tight curls – the unit beeps three times and you release, allowing the curl to fall out of the device.


I got the chance to try it out on a model and it really is as easy as it sounds. All you have to do is face the curl chamber towards your head and place a 1/2 inch section of hair into the unit. You can start it as close to the root as you’d like – where you clamp down is where the curl will begin. Don’t worry about trying to shove too much hair into the unit at once – it beeps and automatically releases the hair if you do this.


Apparently my brain was mush, because I didn’t even think to take a photo of the actual device in-hand. The lovely Nicole of was on her game and did so, though – here’s her photo:


All in all, I’m pretty excited for the release of the InfinitPRO by Conair Curl Secret device this fall. At a suggested retail of $120, this is the kind of hair tool that could easily replace multiple sizes of curling irons. I haven’t tried it on my own head, so I can’t speak to how long it takes for me or how easy it is to use on myself, but I look forward to sharing those details with you once samples are mailed out!

Would you use the Conair Curl Secret?