Go for the Gold with KD

Hands up if you have a box of “Emergency KD” in your pantry. I realized over the weekend that our ‘emergency’ stash had dwindled to zero, but luckily my upstairs roomie came to the rescue with a box at just the right time. You see, a “KD emergency” can really come at any time…mostly when you want something delicious. In case you’re curious, I like my KD either straight up, with a touch of ketchup or even topped with a bit of parmesan and black pepper, Yes, really.

Gold Replica 2

No matter how you enjoy your KD, the mighty noodle is always the star player. KD knows that the noodle has transcended from a pantry treasure to a national treasure, which is why KD is celebrating it in a way that’s worth the affection you have for it. Until October 5, Canadians have the chance to win a 1-LB 24K Gold Noodle, worth approximately $30,000 CAN.

Yes, a GOLD NOODLE. This is a once-in-a-lifetime prize, but you might be asking -as I did – why someone would want a gold noodle and what they could even do with it? Well, my fellow blogger friends have been bringing The KD Gold Noodle on epic adventures over the last few weeks and, since my schedule is a bit jam-packed with no time for lovin’ on a shiny gold noodle (I know, I know), I thought I’d highlight some of the things they’re doing. Let this serve as inspiration for what you could do with your shiny new friend!

My pal Casie took the Golden Noodle on a float plane!

Jo from ClickFlickCA took it along to a Jays game.

Julio from FASHIONIGHTS brought it along to the #MongrelTIFF closing party.

Let’s just say the possibilities are endless. I’m going to be using this contest as an excuse to create a 6-month rolling stock for my “emergency KD” supply

Now – the gold noodle isn’t actually IN the box – enter the pin code found on the cheese packet in specially-marked boxes online for your chance to win. You can also win over 500 other instant prizes, including anything from gold-plated KD cuff links, to sunglasses to flip-flops – all adding an extra hint of gold to your wardrobe. And you know how much I love gold.

Make sure to check out http://www.kdgold.ca for more information and keep an eye on KD’s Facebook & Twitter accounts for more golden noodle sightings.

[disclaim]This post was sponsored by KD to help promote the contest. KD is delicious and gold is awesome, which is why I chose to participate. Good luck![/disclaim]