Going out in style

In what could be an homage to the brand’s latest men’s fragrance, the Marc Jacobs intern has decided to go out with a BANG!

After rounding out a normal day of tweeting with posts about Rachel Zoe’s new baby and a blessing, the Marc Jacobs intern went rogue. In a series of 4 tweets (thus far), the intern identified him/herself and disparaged the brand.

Series of 4 disastrous tweets from the @MarcJacobsIntl account early Friday morning.

More than half an hour after the tweets were posted, the brand has yet to remove the messages or comment officially. [UPDATE: at 3:40 a.m. EST, I received a message from @sotonrich that all of the rogue tweets had been deleted. As of 9:00 a.m. EST, the brand still has yet to comment.]

If the intern’s motive was to ensure the brand would be waking up to a social media crisis, they may have succeeded. With over 113,000 followers, the account certainly has a large reach and is known for interacting with its audience. Most recently, the brand launched the search for its new social media co-ordinator through Twitter.

While Twitter faux-pas and errors are not uncommon, this is the first large-scale sinister takeover of an account I can think of.

Most troubling is that these rogue tweets are coming from an intern. It is reminiscent of the Nestle Facebook crisis, where an intern responded in an off-message way to Facebook users, causing many to question the brand’s social media efficacy.

This will no doubt open a whole new can of worms about who should be manning a brand’s social media. Social media access gives a disgruntled employee or intern license to disparage a brand’s reputation and wreak havoc on quite a large platform. How, then, can a company prevent such a crisis? It’s hard to say.

Watch and learn, friends. This is a real-time social media crisis. It will be very interesting to see if, when and how Marc Jacobs decides to respond.