Head-to-Toe Bridal Beauty Guide

Here's the thing about weddings: it seems like there's always something more you can do. It's not just the invitations, the dress, the food, the music... all the little details you never thought mattered crop up and must be dealt with. The same kind of goes for beauty - head to toe, there's always something extra you can do to prep & pamper yourself for your big day. Keep reading for a comprehensive list of head-to-toe bridal beauty tips. This is how I've been prepping for my big day and I'd love to hear how you are prepping (or prepped!) for yours in the comments. 


Dior Holiday 2014 Stephanie Fusco look

Deep Clean & Whiten

First thing’s first – if you haven’t gone for a dental check-up & cleaning in awhile, book it now! Your dentist will be able to highlight any issues and book you in for any necessary follow-up appointments.  This is also a great time to ask about whitening options if you’re interested. My dentist looked at me like I had two heads when I suggested a round of treatments, but I may still do a little spruce-up.

Stay healthy

To maintain your teeth and keep them healthy between cleanings, make sure to floss every day and brush twice a day! I’ve been using the new Colgate Enamel Health toothpaste to improve the strength of my enamel – I’m constantly enjoying all the things that ruin it like citrus and coffee. I also switch it up with my favourite Arm & Hammer whitening toothpaste to keep things bright.

Polish & shine

Book yourself in for a cleaning (if you’re eligible) and a polish a few days before your wedding. No matter how consistent I am with my dental care, I always feel best after a polish! I’ve booked mine for the Wednesday before the wedding. Some dentists even offer a free polish for brides-to-be – ask!

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