Head-to-Toe Bridal Beauty Guide

Here's the thing about weddings: it seems like there's always something more you can do. It's not just the invitations, the dress, the food, the music... all the little details you never thought mattered crop up and must be dealt with. The same kind of goes for beauty - head to toe, there's always something extra you can do to prep & pamper yourself for your big day. Keep reading for a comprehensive list of head-to-toe bridal beauty tips. This is how I've been prepping for my big day and I'd love to hear how you are prepping (or prepped!) for yours in the comments. 

Hands & Nails
Lovefresh pear scrub
Rifle Paper Co. Manicure inspiration me & t
Get Polished

Even if you’re a DIY mani kind of lady, book yourself in for regular manicures in the months leading up to your wedding. Professionals do things to your nails that you can’t just duplicate at home, no matter how steady your hands are. While I’m usually all for regular polish, you’ll want to use gel polish for these manicures. The gel polish will help your nails grow longer – it’ll prevent most splits & breaks while you wear it – and you can slowly get to your perfect nail shape. I go to Me & T Studio at Yonge & St Clair – Shirley gave me the amazing Rifle Paper Co. -inspired mani above!

Treat Yourself

…to an amazing at-home hand scrub. If you don’t already have this LOVEFRESH Scrub, you need it. It’s what they use at Me & T in their signature manicures and I can’t get enough. The emollient sugar-based scrub will slough off dead skin and reveal your smoothest hands ever while the essential oils will make them so soft & moisturised.

Nourish & Protect

The key to keeping your manicure looking fresh is to be liberal with your cuticle oil and hand cream. I keep bottles of CND Solar Oil at my desk and by my bedside to make sure that I’m constantly oiling up my nails. It smells like marzipan so you really can’t go wrong. You’ll also want to slather on a luxe hand cream – I use L’Occitane 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream at work (and keep a travel-sized tube in my purse) and LUSH Helping Hands at home for more intensive care.

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