Hello From The Other Side

Oh hi! It’s been a little while, I know. I’m settling into a new routine with a new job and balancing all that with home life – it’s a big change from freelancing full time! – so it’s been hard to find the time and inspiration to sit down and write. Which, really, is a shame…because I love to write.

You can still find me on instagram at @stephaniefusco and on snapchat at stephanie.fusco but I’m sure you’ll like what’s coming next on the blog, too 🙂

While I settle down to write new content for you, I figured I’d take you on a little trip down enabler lane because it’s the Shopbop Big Event sale again! Yes – everyone’s favourite tiered sale is back and you can get up to 25% off your purchase.

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I’m picking up some cute ban.do accessories – Kate Spade is excluded from this sale, as is Hanky Panky so my usual suspects are off limits – plus some snazzy wrapping paper. Who knows – another pair of Oscar De La Renta earrings might make their way into my shopping cart as well!

Can’t wait to catch up again soon & happy shopping, loves! xo