Our 2018 Holiday Mantle [+ how to get that Anthropologie mirror in Canada!]

Now that December is here, we’re in full holiday mode (at least I am). Our tree is being picked up this weekend to settle before next weekend’s Tree Trimming Party and little touches – like wreaths on every door and a refreshed entryway vignette – are popping up around the house. Not to mention Hallmark or Netflix Christmas movies are on 24/7.

While I still have a lot of decorating to do, I pulled out my collection of pastel bottle brush trees and our favourite Honest Ed’s holiday sign right after Remembrance Day. The mantle is the first area of our home to be completely Christmas-ified, finally feeling complete after the addition of a handmade felted garland, a new stocking holder + stockings.

We purchased two stockings from The Bay the first year we were married, but I found myself wanting a new set now that we have a mantle to decorate. I purchased four, even though we technically only need two (three, if you count one for Princess) and refrained from embroidering them just yet. I’ll probably have them personalized once we have little ones, but I love how clean they look right now.

Speaking of stockings, I definitely need to take a steamer to them. But that can wait until next week. I was really thrilled to find this stocking holder at Homesense that doubles as a sweet sign, but recently realized that hanging four stockings on it will be a bit of a stretch given how the hooks are spaced. But it’ll do for this year!

While I’d love to tell you all where to find bottle brush trees like mine this year, I haven’t been able to track any more down. This is a collection I’d love to continue building over the years – they feel a little vintage but still fresh and modern when paired with the rest of our decor. And, yes, they look amazing beside the mirror. More on that – and how you can get your own in Canada – below.


It should come as no surprise that my decor is all from Homesense, Etsy & Anthropologie. There are a lot of great sales that go on this time of year, so stay tuned to your inbox to find the best times to purchase (and don’t be afraid to stock up for next year around Boxing Day!)

Felted white, cream + gold garland: Sheep Farm Felt on Etsy (I purchased 2 nine foot garlands)

Gilded mirror: Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror (3×3)

Pastel bottle brush trees: Glitterville from Anthropologie & Indigo

Stocking holder: Homesense

French Grey Buffalo Check Stockings: Hung by the Chimney on Etsy

Deer: Homesense

Now, the mirror. As you might have guessed by the title of this post – I finally got the Anthropologie mirror I’ve been lusting over for the last few years. If you spend any time on Instagram or Pinterest, you’ve definitely come across the Primrose mirror from Anthropologie. Sadly, Anthropologie doesn’t ship furniture to Canada. But after a fruitless search for a mirror I loved just as much, I decided to do whatever it took to get the mirror.

How to get Anthropologie furniture in Canada

The best way to get the Anthropologie Primrose mirror in Canada is to go through a warehousing service in a border town. I used CBI USA in Buffalo, NY on the recommendation of Becky from Cherrypick. The process couldn’t have been easier: you sign up for an account online and can start shipping to them immediately. For a nominal fee (about $6 USD) they’ll accept and hold your package for you for up to 6 months.

I was a bit skeptical, but picked up both my Anthropologie mirror + the gorgeous, handmade buffalo check stockings above last week. CBI USA has just moved to a new facility and it’s gorgeous in that Joanna Gaines kind of way – not what I was expecting at all. When you arrive, you check in and pay for your packages and are given a number. There’s free coffee from a Keurig and water while you wait and also handy tables to unbox your packages when they are brought out from the warehouse. You can track your packages’ progress on a screen that lets you know the number of packages retrieved and which employee is handling your order. Easy peasy!

We declared everything we purchased that day – about an $800 CAD value including the mirror – at the border and paid about $130 in duties. I would absolutely use CBI USA again for those hard-to-get-in-Canada purchases or even when shipping fees are really high (I’m looking at you, Rifle Paper Co.) and I have a trip to Buffalo planned in the near future.

Happy holidays! Let me know in the comments below what your own favourite piece of Christmas decor is.