Holiday Nursery Tour: Isabelle’s Christmas Decor

Feeling festive yet? One of my favourite ways to get in the spirit is to add little pockets of holiday decor to my home. This year, Isabelle’s nursery got the bulk of my decor and I couldn’t be happier with how adorable and festive it turned out. Keep reading to see all of Izzy’s holiday nursery decor!

To spark a little joy, I decided to spruce up Izzy’s nursery with some Christmas decor as soon as November 12 arrived. The pastel, wintry, handmade vibe feels cozy and sweet – perfect for this sunshiney girl’s nursery.

The only new item I purchased this year was this adorable Santa crib sheet. Everything else was recycled and repurposed from Christmases past – including the perfect pencil tree in the corner of the room.

If you can add a twinkling Christmas tree to your little’s nursery, do it. It’s made a massive impact on the festive front. More importantly, Isabelle loves the twinkling lights. There’s nothing quite like snuggling a babe by a glowing tree with Christmas music playing. (98 Degrees’ original Christmas album, if you’re curious. Silent Night, This Gift or If Every Day Could Be Christmas, ideally)

Leffy the Elf

Izzy’s too young for Elf on the Shelf – and I’m not sure I’ll ever introduce it – but I was so excited to bring Leffy the Elf back out this year! Leffy was a gift from my parents for Izzy’s first Christmas and has a beautiful storybook that goes along with them.

Holiday Nursery Decor

Back for another year, the Pastel Forest has a new home on pretty much every surface in Isabelle’s room. You might remember I used this felt + gold garland and even more pastel bottle brush trees on my Holiday Mantle last year. I think it looks even sweeter like this.

Bows by Bend & Snap, Catch-All by Mary Ratcliffe Studio

Festive Vignettes

The great thing about holiday nursery decor is that more is always more. I love the opportunity to fancy up every corner and to do things that feel extravagant, like adding in a personal Christmas tree and popping a DIY pom pom wreath on the open closet door.

But let’s also be completely honest here: this is a toddler’s room. The books, blankets and stuffed animal friends stay in place for approximately 10 seconds after the tiny toddler tornado enters. Don’t use breakables, heavy objects or anything you’re feeling too precious about.

A festive flamingo – how could I resist?

Festive Swaps

When you’re decorating for the holidays, think of the easy little swaps that can up the festive factor. Here are a couple of small things I did that create some unexpected holiday moments in her room:

  • Change up your wall decor: I hung my Honest Ed Holiday Hours sign in place of her newborn outfit shadowbox. You could also hang a favourite festive outfit.
  • Festive pillows are a cheap & cheerful option you can enjoy year after year.
  • String a garland out of babe’s reach – on a bookshelf, across a mirror or between two existing pieces of art on the wall.
  • Highlight seasonal accessories like Izzy’s holiday bow collection, prominently displayed on her dresser.
  • Display holiday books – either in stacks or face-forward. Functional and cute.

I hope you love Izzy’s holiday nursery decor as much as I do! It brings me so much joy to see her room decorated so sweetly for the holidays. It makes me even happier to see her fall in love with her own Christmas tree – she loves to sit beneath it and read – and embrace the holidays like I do.


Bottlebrush trees: Glitterville
Crib & Dresser: Pottery Barn Kids
Mirror: Anthropologie
Glider: West Coast Kids
Pram: Kinderfeets
Rug: Rifle Paper Co.
Lamp, Console Table, Misc. Decor: Homesense