Honeymoon Diaries: Avignon

Let’s just get this over with right out of the gates: feel free to click here and sing along throughout this instalment of the Honeymoon Diaries! In lieu of flying from Nice to Paris, we took the train for a Nonno Fusco-approved stop in Avignon, a “fortress city” in Provence that is home to the famous bridge from that song above. Apologies for the earworm. I won’t leave you in suspense. Here’s the bridge:

Sur Le Pont D'Avignon

We stayed at the beautiful – if a bit musty – La Mirande which is right in the heart of the city, across from the Palais du Papes. The hotel was just the kind of charming we were looking for on our honeymoon. The sun-drenched indoor courtyard was strung with paper lanterns and felt so pretty it was almost overwhelming. I wish we’d had time to enjoy afternoon tea!

La Mirande Hotel Avignon Review

Courtyard in Avignon La Mirande Hotel La Mirande Avignon courtyard

We picked the hottest day of summer to explore Avignon, starting with lunch at a tiny outdoor cafe right outside our hotel. Someone’s really into my photo-taking: a trend you may have noticed already.

DSC03550 DSC03552

He’s also a huge fan of wandering around in a heatwave, including sweating our way through a tour of the Palais du Papes. Of course, we also had to stop by Le Pont D’Avignon so I could irritate Mike by singing the song and also to take a photo on the bridge.

Stephanie Fusco Avignon Honeymoon Carousel in Avignon France DSC03634 DSC03645 Palais Du Papes Avignon

The city was super walkable and had so much old-world charm: cobblestone streets! artisanal vendors! monuments! It was in Avignon that I stocked up on French soaps in every possible scent, from basil to pina colada, and lots of fresh lavender products from the fields of Provence. We spent just one night here, but if we could go back I would definitely take the opportunity to visit the lavender fields and probably a winery as well.

Palais Du Papes Avignon LandscapePalais Du Papes Avignon France

La Mirande is also home to a famous, awarded and generally well-regarded restaurant that’s rather…gastro. Which, you can imagine, was a ton of fun for a picky eater like me. Let’s just say I ate a lot of bread that night (with delicious, freshly-made butter). Mike really enjoyed his seafood appetizer (not).

La Mirande Dinner Avignon
Oh – useful information before I let you go. For such a tiny town, Avignon has two train stations. And yes, we went to the wrong one. But I got paprika Pringles anyways.


And – we made it to Paris! Stay tuned for our Parisian adventures in my next honeymoon post.