Honeymoon Diaries: Monaco

When I told you all about the first few nights of our honeymoon in Nice, I meant to tell you about our tiny little trip to Monaco for the evening. And then I realized that it probably deserved its own post, if only because Mike got to fulfil his wildest James Bond fantasies. But more on that later.

Nice was a great base for adventuring around South of France and I really wish we’d planned a few more day trips while we were there. One evening, we set off to Monaco via the train, a 15-minute, 3 Euro journey. Amazing, right? Knowing we would be going to the casino (on Mike’s bucket list), we dressed up just a little.

Train to Monaco Stephanie Fusco

The view from the train station in Monaco was stunning. I can say this with a lot of authority, since we stared at it for quite some time as we waited (fruitlessly) for a cab. Apparently they’re hard to come by in Monaco, at least by the train station, since we never did get one into town. Yes, this means I didn’t get to visit the castle. Next time!

Monaco - Honeymoon

Monaco Travel

Thank goodness I wore comfy, flat sandals – we walked for what felt like an hour in the blistering heat with no real idea where we were going. Eventually we found what looked like a shopping mall, complete with tiny luxury cars for children, and knew we were probably headed in the right direction. Like a mirage in the desert, I spotted Laduree and insisted we stop for a few pics with the prettiest little carousel and some macarons. When I spotted the mothership (CHANEL!) I knew we couldn’t be far. 




Sure enough, we found ourselves (sweaty, dripping and decidedly uncool) at the Cafe De Paris, a must-visit while in Monaco. This was one of our favourite meals of the trip. The ambiance of the terrace is really something – lots of twinkly lights, tons of people and you’re right in the middle of all the action since it’s right across from the casino and the most luxe hotels. To mark the occasion, I even tried a tiny bit of caviar for the first time. When in Rome…

Cafe de Paris Steak Frites Monaco
Cafe De Paris Millefeuille Stephanie Fusco Monaco


That up there, folks…that is the face of a happy man. Little did he know he’d be winning a few jackpots and then making his way into the Salon Prive for more than just a look-see. That’s right – along with the mega-rich (half dressed in Eurotrash fashion, the other half elegantly) and the uber-rich (dropping tens of thousands on a single hand) were the newly minted D’Amicos.  This was basically us on the balcony of the Salon Prive:

Casino Royale Craig


Suffice to say, he left a happy man. Even happier than normal, since the casino manager was purchasing us drinks all night. And he remained happy all the way back to Nice, speeding along in a Mercedes driven by a man I was convinced was about to turn the drive into our “Princess Diana moment”. Yikes. Now, I’m not one to take or share pics like this, but my normally social media-shy hubby insisted that I not only snap this but share it immediately. So here it is, in all its glory: his shiny new black card from the casino, his (ahem, *our*) winnings…and my macarons.


If you’re ever in Monaco, make sure to press your luck! You never know where it’ll take you…