Show your love with tiny pretty things

It’s officially back to school season! It’s been a few years since my last first day of school, but I still remember the feeling of getting ready for university and my post-grad. Palpable excitement. This year, I know quite a few people headed back to school, be it their first year in university or post-grad. To send them off in style, I created care packages with a few of my favourite things and back to school essentials.

Back to School gift

Doesn’t that look like something that would make you excited for school? I want one just for lounging at home. Full disclosure: I have a bit of an obsession with Chapters Indigo’s home and paper items. I want pretty much everything here for myself and you probably will too. There’s so much more I could have purchased, but…self control and all. Here’s what I included:

Fun paper products:

Cute back to school paper notebooks flags

Nothing says “back to school” like a new notebook and other paper products. Pick something bright and cheerful like this Bee Happy notebook (sold out) and Poppin to-do list notepad ($6 for 3). These cute little revision tags ($5.00) will make studying as fun as it can be.

Take the edge off:

University care package - comfort & celebrate

Equal parts cozy and celebratory, these items will make a girl smile. Help her make her new room feel like home with the perfect cheerful tea mug ($10 – there’s a good morning, handsome! one for boys, too) and a mini luxurious candle ($12). My favourite socks ($9.50) – with neon accents, of course! – will keep her toes warm. Finally, there’s nothing better than some pricey bubbly for one to make any day just a little bit better. Add a single-size bottle of Moet ($20) in case of emergency.

Mini Beauty Goodies:

back to school care package - mini beauty products

There’s nothing worse than forgetting your beauty items at home. Minis are the perfect size for your purse and make it easy for your lucky lady to transition from library to lounge when she’s on campus. From fun lip balm ($3) to emergency dark circle-erasing concealer, brightening primer and “liquid sunshine in a bottle” to stave off rickets from the fluorescent library lighting, she’ll never be less than picture-perfect. Also, who doesn’t like minis? (OK, I know one girl who does not. Coincidentally, she’s the same one who generously gifted me with all of these Benefit minis of my favourite products. Go figure). My minis were mostly gifted, but you can always be ready for care package-making (and vacation) if you hoard yours like I do when receiving samples. Add in tweezers & a nail file and she’ll be ready for anything.

Back to school university care package

For extra credit, add in her favourite snacks, a fun nail polish colour or even a bright lipstick. So – who’s going to make one for me? 😉

  • chaptersindigo

    stephaniefusco <3 it!

    • stephaniefusco

      chaptersindigo Thanks! Made a few for the ladies in my life heading back to school. They were big hits! Now to make one for myself.. 😉

  • glitterdiaries

    stephaniefusco You make quite the awesome care package!

    • stephaniefusco

      glitterdiaries why thank you! These ones turned out pretty nicely. Couldn’t avoid all the pretty things chaptersindigo 😉

  • urstrong

    stephaniefusco What a great friend you are! So cool. 🙂

  • bwilso42

    stephaniefusco adorable. My mom sent me the best care packs in uni. Don’t forget a hand written note with words of encouragement 😉

  • this package makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  • Naila Jinnah