How to: remove glitter polish

Glitter polish is probably one of my favourite things ever. It tends to cover in fewer coats than regular polish, is easy to apply and harder to chip and makes you feel like a fairy princess when you’re wearing it. Unfortunately, taking it off can be quite the arduous task. Fret not, I’ve discovered a nearly foolproof method to removing glitter polish without tearing your hair out.

My original obsession – OPI Mad as a Hatter [swatch courtesy of]

How to remove glitter polish

  • Don’t paint glitter polish directly onto nails; use a base coat or a nude polish underneath
  • Create a polish remover bath for your nails. I like to fill the cap of the bottle with remover and soak each nail until the glitter starts to come loose. (You can also saturate a cotton pad with remover and leave it on the nail for a minute or so. I like the bath method better.)
  • Saturate a cotton pad with remover and slowly wipe nails. If polish is still stuck, dunk the finger back into the remover bath and try again in a minute.
  • Take your time. If you allow each nail to soak for awhile (start with 30 seconds/nail), wiping the polish off will be much easier.
That’s it! You’re done. If you’ve taken your time, you should have glitter-free nails with almost zero elbow grease. Don’t forget to moisturize your nails and cuticles – the extra soaking time can dry them out.
What’s your favourite glitter-removing tip?