Track the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election Online

Today’s the big day. Want to go beyond the maps and poll results and keep tabs on things like voter sentiment and how many people have voted? The Internet’s got you covered.

Facebook’s America Votes 2012 Map

Head on over to Facebook’s America Votes 2012 map to see, in realtime, how many users have voted. Automated by an Election Day prompt that asked users to share with friends that they’re voting in the 2012 election, the map displays bursts of activity as users share their E-Day voting activities. Along with showing the votes as they happen and giving a breakdown over time, the map also provides demographic data (age, gender & location). What it shies away from is asking voters how they cast their ballots.

Twitter’s Political Index

(Nov. 5)

(Nov. 6)

Twitter’s Political Index measures sentiment across the social network. Check back periodically for a sense of how the candidates are doing online. As you can see, there’s already been a huge change from this time yesterday. If you’re looking to get more in-depth than a realtime number, the service also shows the ebbs and flows in sentiment over the last 24 hours or year.

Do you have any favourite election trackers? Let me know in the comments!