Internet awesome: a giant casserole, an unboxing video…and a TED talk about my job

It’s been an awesome week on the internet. Even better? Some of these are courtesy of the agency that employs me.

The Most Colossal Casserole

The idea: People in the US are obsessed with this Green Bean Casserole recipe on the Campbell’s site. Every year it sees ridiculous increases in traffic around Thanksgiving – it’s pretty much as All-American as apple pie. To turn this into social good, Campbell’s is donating the cost of a serving of Green Bean Casserole  to Feeding America every time the recipe is pinned.

To make it even more awesome, each pin results in a portion of Green Bean Casserole being pinned to The Most Colossal Casserole board on Pinterest. Not only does this make a user’s contribution measurable and visible…it’s also really freaking cool. Lots of learning about Pinterest went into this and The Most Colossal Casserole is the first hack of its kind on the platform. Cool, huh?

Check out The Most Colossal Casserole. So glad to be a part of this Proximity project, even if it means I’m on Pinterest way more than is normal.

Using Social Media To Cover For Lack Of Original Thought

This is like a TED talk…but on The Onion. Just watch it.

“We had no original ideas…so we hired another agency to create thousands of fake Twitter followers to only follow SpeedStick”. Oh, and “Companies don’t care if their followers are real or not…they’ll pay you either way”. Need I say more?

Yes..this pokes fun at my job….but it’s pretty hilarious. You can’t help but laugh.

Appfinity AppDrive Unboxing Gone Wrong

Watch til the end…good times.

If you have a casual gamer, gadget-lover or eternal kid in your life with an android or iPhone, get them this for Christmas. Way too fun. Another awesome video by Proximity.

Hashtag fail: #SusanAlbumParty

Otherwise known as #SusAnalBumParty.

Poor Susan Boyle’s album release was overshadowed by the unfortunate hashtag fail of her PR team.

Kudos to the brains behind that one. A great reminder to put yourself in the shoes of the depraved before approving anything that may go on the internet.

For a good time, check out the hashtag on Twitter.