Internet Awesome: Pinterest launches secret boards, visual resumes with Vizify & Postable’s ultimate lifehack


I’ve come across a few awesome things on the Internet this week that will probably make your life easier.

Pinterest launches secret boards

Hallelujah! Finally, you can plan your cats’ wedding without the whole world knowing (and ruining the surprise, duh). This has been a thorn in Pinterest users’ collective side since we discovered the platform, so this is a more than welcome update.

I’ll be honest – this update is probably one of the most exciting things I’ve heard all week. It’s a definite game-changer for the platform.


Described as a graphical bio, Vizify captures your professional internet existence and turns it into a beautiful splash page & click-through experience worthy of a QR code on your resume.

The education layout is pretty snazzy and beats LinkedIn any day:

For those who need an online hub for their activities, Vizify is a great, visually-appealing place to start. With built-in education, location, activities (via Foursquare) and job history and factoids, photos and quotes to personalize, it’s easy to build a place of your own. The best part? It’s practically foolproof (and free). Check out mine at (and make sure to go claim your name to protect your personal brand).


As much as I try to be that person with an up-to-date address book, I’ve failed miserably. I’m one of the few people who actually sends out handwritten holiday cards (shocking, I know), and I always find myself scrambling for addresses late in November…and down to the wire in December. I discovered Postable last week and have been enamoured with it ever since.

It’s an easy set-up: get a customized vanity URL and share it with friends. When they click, they can securely input their information and it’s automatically saved to your (private) address book. When you log back in, your friends’ information will magically be populated. You can either print out your address book or export it into a CSV file and import it back into Outlook  or Gmail.