Introducing…Rock the Resolution!

Resolution has almost become a dirty word. Each January, we all plan to do things better/differently in the year ahead but often fall short of the mark when it comes to completion. You know the drill: you buy that lululemon workout gear, pack your drawers with vitamins, pick up a slew of “new year, new me!” makeup…only to have it all sit there practically unused after a few weeks. What’s a girl to do? Wouldn’t it be easier if someone else could motivate you to try something new and tell you how to get’er done?

I’ve always been the kind of girl who likes to tell people what to do (what, I’m a Leo) and have always fancied myself a how-to girl (like Andie in How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, natch), so I’d like you to meet my brainchild: Rock the Resolution.

Rock the Resolution is a blog series full of life lessons for the modern girl. We’re not talking about Emily Post-style etiquette rules and niceties here. Instead, I’ll be tackling how-tos and sharing my experiences. These will be the every day things you’ve always wanted to do/try – I’m going to take the the guesswork out of the unknown.

What can you expect? Here are just a few of the things I have lined up for the feature so far:

  • How to: perfect the red lip
  • Surviving a Juice Cleanse
  • Trying out a Paleo lifestyle
  • How to: perfect the sexy blow-out
  • How to: start a blog
  • Discovering new blogs

I’m open to suggestions from my readers, so leave a comment below letting me know what you want me to tackle in 2013. For a taste of what I’ve already committed to doing on a personal level, check out my 2012/13 recap & resolutions. This series is entirely PR-friendly (really, send me your suggestions) and I’m hoping it’ll blend seamlessly into the content you’ve already come to expect here.

Here’s to 2013!

xo Steph

  • I, for one, would love to know how to rock a blow-out.

    • @jkozuch I’ll help you whip your luscious locks into shape in no time, Justin.

  • TOBeautyReviews

    Great ideal! How about FAST tips for curly haired girls…seriously my days are ever frizzy lately! 😛

    • @TOBeautyReviews You know my solution to curly hair (cough cough, daily blowouts). We should collab on something 🙂

      • TOBeautyReviews

        @stephaniefusco Yeah we totally should! You have time for daily blowouts?!?  Gah My hair is 1/2 wet when I’m out the door LOL!

        • @TOBeautyReviews I blowdry roughly at night + do bangs, then set them in velcro rollers + blast with heat, then put it up in a bun to sleep and fix with a curling iron in the am 😉

        • @TOBeautyReviews Also…I only wash 2-3x/week. #lazy

        • TOBeautyReviews

          @stephaniefusco That’s what I WANT to do but when I wake up each morning it’s like I hurricane blew through 😛

        • brigidtowler

          @TOBeautyReviews  @stephaniefusco Hey now! What if we stopped fighting the curls and just made them shine! Humid bathroom, hair gel, comb through, define curls, defuse/air dry.

        • @brigidtowler  @TOBeautyReviews I’m so obsessed with your curls 😉 I’ll have to get you to guest-blog for the yin to my blowout yang 😉

        • brigidtowler

          @stephaniefusco  @TOBeautyReviews I would love that. The styled and polished blowout vs, the “I give up it’s just going to curl on my anyway”.

        • TOBeautyReviews

          @brigidtowler  @stephaniefusco  @TOBeautyReviews Yes! I actually don’t want to figh the curls, I just need to know how to keep the frizz free without too much effort!

        • @TOBeautyReviews @brigidtowler Elaine, Brigid’s hair is actually amazing.  Like it is what I would want my hair to be if I could stand to train it to curl nicely again.

        • brigidtowler

          @stephaniefusco  @TOBeautyReviews *blushes* thanks Stephanie. It’s really just 5 minutes in the morning!

  • juddrnaut

    How-to: tackle privacy settings
    Maybe point out where people tend not to realize they’re allowing their data to escape, how to check to see what others can see, how to modify/understand them in the first place. Mostly relevant to Facebook, but could tie in a few other rules for across the web.

  • nav_een

    I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts. If you have experience in this, I would like to see a how to for blog analytics, like Google Analytics (maybe this could fall under “how to start a blog” that you have listed). Thanks and Happy New Year!

    • @nav_een Thanks! Basic analytics will definitely be a part of my blog basics posts. Anything in particular you were hoping to learn about GA?

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