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Feeling the need to detox? Me too. Even though the Toronto weather makes it feel like it will never happen, today is the first day of spring and sunshine is on the way! I love spring cleaning (even though I can be a bit of a messy person otherwise..shhh) and I’m excited to share that I’m going to be participating in my third clean eating challenge with registered nurse Abigail Keeso starting on Monday!

That Clean Life Spring Detox Challenge Review

That Clean Life is a 6-day clean eating challenge meant to help you clean up your eating habits after a few too many indulgences and, hopefully, inspire you to keep eating clean throughout the year. The That Clean Life program is $11 (but you can pay more if you wish!) and can be purchased here.

What will I be eating?

Abigail Keeso That Clean Life Meal Plan Review

Challenges are scary, right? Not if you’re doing them with Abigail! I’ve never gone hungry during one of her clean eating challenges. The food is always extremely flavourful, filling and easy to make. One of my biggest challenges is actually packing my breakfast and lunch for work. I never know what to make and I’m incredibly bad at actually planning my meals for the week. That Clean Life outlines delicious meals for every day of the challenge along with including the recipes and a grocery list.

The meal plans are available one week prior to the challenge actually starting and when I downloaded mine early this week I knew I didn’t want to wait until Monday to start eating delicious things. Above are the Kale and Quinoa fritters and below is the Creamy Cauliflower Soup – both delicious, both things I happily ate the next day for lunch.

Abigail Keeso That Clean Life Recipe

Are you serious?

Yes – the food is actually delicious. Since my first challenge with Abby, I’ve found myself re-making the recipes over and over again. Two favourites from the first challenge that really stand out are the kale pesto pizza and pasta. Hello, what other eat clean meal plan tells you to eat pasta and pizza?

That Clean Life Meal Plan Review That Clean Life Abigail Keeso Review

Does it work?

I’ve always felt great after completing a challenge with Abby. Cutting out all the junk without depriving yourself is an amazing feeling. During my first challenge, I also lost a bit of weight. While the challenges aren’t designed for weight loss (portions are up to you – focus on feeling full), you can definitely track calories using an app like My Fitness Pal and up your exercise to get that result.

How can I join?

You can download the That Clean Life Spring Detox here for $11. We’ll be sharing our meals and supporting one another with the #thatcleanlife hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, so make sure to include that if you’re sharing your experience!

[disclaim]I’m sharing this because I really honestly love doing Abby’s challenges. I’ve paid for each out of pocket, along with groceries. Come join![/disclaim]