Let’s hit the road & win $500 together!

If you haven’t seen my excited Instagrams yet, I have some news. I’m the proud owner of a new car! She’s shiny, white and a true beaut.



If you’re ever in the market for an Audi, go see Livio at Pfaff Audi in Vaughan – he was fantastic in tracking down & prepping my new 2014 A4! Obviously the first thing I did after picking her up was to head out on a bit of a joyride with Mike to visit my grandparents. Windows down, tunes cranked – pretty much the perfect night. Since it was my first night in the new car, I had full control over the music and Mike was subjected to the contents of my iPhone. If we’re going to be honest, it was mostly The Backstreet Boys’ new album (I’m seeing the concert this week and am SO excited) along with my go-to summer playlist. This is my Nonno Sergio examining the trunk – “You can fit 4 bushels of tomatoes in here!” (actual quote).


Unlike driving with my parents, my wonderful boyfriend never once tells me to turn the music down ;). Interestingly enough, KANETIX, an online comparison site for insurance, mortgages and credit cards, recently commissioned a study to find out how music impacts your driving. I found the results pretty interesting. Here are a few examples:

  • Almost half of the drivers who listen to talk radio (49%) have had 1-3 speeding tickets, vs. 40% of the driving population
  • R&B fans are most likely to have 4 or more speeding tickets (16% do!)
  • While 20% of Canadians have been at fault in an accident, it’s likely you never have been if you listen to Alternative Rock, Oldies, Country or Classic Rock

Looks like my driving record stacks up pretty well against these numbers! I’ve got a single speeding ticket under my belt from when I was 18 and have never been in an at-fault accident (or any accident, really). Guess I should keep it up with the country music! The folks at KANETIX asked me to share my ultimate summer driving playlist to you. If you too want to terrorize your boyfriend – or if you have a penchant for Top 40, Country & summery feel-good tunes, check it out hereStephanie Fusco Kanetix.

Vote for your favourite playlist over on the KANETIX blog before August 23rd and you’ll be entered to WIN $500!

It would be doubly awesome if you went to vote because the blogger who receives the most votes gets more than just bragging rights & glory – they get $500! Pretty pretty please? You’ll have all my love forever. And hey, maybe we could go on a shopping spree with our newfound winnings? Just a thought…

***Disclosure: this post was sponsored by KANETIX and I received compensation for sharing information about this study – along with my favourite summertime playlist – with you. I thought it was a fun collab and hope you think so too 🙂