This is how you you celebrate a quarter century

If the past few days are any indication, 25 is going to be a great year. Since Thursday I’ve been celebrating nonstop with some of the best people ever and feel like pretty much the luckiest girl in the world.

I’ve gushed about my coworkers and agency on more than a few occasions. We have a great time and do great work – could it get any better? Thursday evening was our summer party – Vegas themed! – and, coincidentally, also the place I rang in my 25th. During a little pre-party girltime with the ladies of the strategy department, I was surprised with Disney princess cupcakes in honour of my love of sparkles and also the Disney bender we’d been on for the past week (Royal baby = Lion King. Duh.).


We dressed as a bachelorette party, an idea we thought to be very unique until we got to the party and came face to face with the 6 other bachelorette parties.


My success in gambling is really hit-or-miss, but who doesn’t like to spend other peoples’ money? I raked in $6k in play money by betting on red, odd and my boyfriend’s birthdate. Not too shabby!

Family celebrations followed on my actual birthday, with my boyfriend and BFF there to eat copious amounts of cake and Mom & Nonna’s cooking. I wore a blue dress that was picked out by Megan before Kate Middleton ever made blue polka dot dresses uber-fashionable. It’s from Anthropologie and yes, Meg is now my #1 shopping buddy.



Speaking of the boyfriend, he spoiled me beyond belief. What can a girl ask for more than a loving boyfriend carrying a big bouquet of dahlias, a little blue bag and a signed copy of Hillary Clinton’s book? Yes, he knows me well.


The next day was the one we’d all been waiting for. About a month ago, I asked you guys what my birthday party theme should be this year and got pretty much the best idea ever from Sarah Prince. She suggested that I have a Kate Spade-themed party! I interpreted this into a party filled with bows, glitter and brights.


We DIY’d our little hearts out the weekend before to create the perfect DIY black board photo booth, gilded and glittery mason jars to use as votives and vases and plotted the perfect birthday cake.

We had the best time. We added some last-minute additions to the photo booth backdrop – polka dots! What are #humberPR friends for 😉

Stephanie Fusco DIY Photobooth Pink Tartan Stephanie Fusco - Leopard is a Neutral - 25th birthday party

What I wore: Pink Tartan Daisy dress (on sale!), Jimmy Choo pumps, Anthropologie belt

DSC_0426 DSC_0414 DSC_0412

The cake I chose was Sweetapolita’s Funfetti Cake – a delicious white cake with a buttercream frosting that tasted exactly like vanilla ice cream. It was heavenly. I want to make it for every single birthday from now on. Fitting with the Kate Spade theme, it was adorned with a glittery bow. Surprise!

Sweetapolita Funfetti Cake - 25th birthday - Leopard is a Neutral DSC02296 DSC02299 Sweetapolita Funfetti Cake - Leopard is a Neutral

I’m all about the details, so it was super important to me to find little things that would boost the decor of the party – especially since I ended up having to move it indoors due to the weather. The tissue paper poms were a last minute addition c/o a quick trip to Dollarama for $1 tissue paper.

To cap off the most fun few days ever, my Queen’s roommate Kathleen came in from Belleville so we could attend The Package Tour together! Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees and NKOTB…all in one concert. It was everything I dreamed it would be and more (although I wish the time had been more equally divided among the groups – more 98 Degrees + Boyz II Men, please!).

BoyzII Men Toronto 98 Degrees Toronto Concert - Leopard is a Neutral - boybands 98 Degrees Toronto Concert Leopard is a Neutral DSC02368 DSC02381 DSC02388

Donnie Wahlberg - Toronto - Leopard is a NeutralDSC02399 DSC02420  DSC02423 DSC02422

No boyband concert is complete without pelvic thrusts, shirt removals, crotch grabs, crying attendees and as many sex references as you can fit into one song. You just can’t go wrong.

Thank you so so so much to everyone who celebrated my birthday with me! I loved every second and am so grateful for all of you who took the time to send me your wishes and indulge me in my incessant celebrating. The fun isn’t stopping this week – I’m headed to the Smirnoff Sorbet party on Wednesday evening to indulge in sweet bevvies and to Boots & Hearts c/o Chevrolet Canada this Friday with my gal Shannon Kelly. Expect lots of country girl pics – I plan to release my inner Taylor Swift.

xo, Steph


PS. My beauty look this weekend was c/o Dove and MAKE UP FOR EVER. Both brands sent me birthday care packages that I put to use immediately. My hair still looks amazing today (Tuesday!!) thanks to the new Dove Daily Moisture line – hello, 5x smoother tresses! In unprecedented fashion, I’ve also been wearing the same lip shade since Thursday thanks to MAKE UP FOR EVER – they sent along their Aqua Rouge Waterproof Liquid Lip Color in #18 and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since.