Whip your hair into shape with Kerastase Discipline

A lot has changed since the days of my curly, frizzy pyramid hair. Namely, technology in haircare. Looking at my hair now, you’d never even guess that it was curly – nevermind that it had once been the most unruly mess you’d ever seen. It’s a secret I keep pretty much under wraps, but I’ll share my top-secret timeline with you:

  • 1998 – 1993: Steph is born! Her hair grows into a beautiful, silky, lightly curled mass.
  • 1993 – 1997: That cute little girl develops frizzy hair that can’t. be. tamed. Lots of headbands and ponytails are involved.
  • 1998 – 2002: The proverbial … hits the fan. An ill-advised bob + bangs, the launch of Conair’s steam flat iron, the stripey highlights trend + disposable income with which to buy mousse & hair gel combine to make this the worst hair era ever. Pyramid hair reaches critical mass.
  • 2002 – 2006: High school. The purchase of the hallowed first Chi flat iron and an obsession with haircare stories in teen magazines, Glamour and Cosmo lead to an improved hair era. Hair is either Jersey Shore curly (but controlled) or stick straight.
  • 2006 – 2011: The transitional university & post-grad years. Experimentation with flat-iron curls, home blow-drys and hot curlers leads to the start of the current style, but is slightly derailed by le grand chop + dye.
  • 2011 – 2014: A style is born! The stars align and our heroine learns to use a round brush, large-barrel curling iron and appropriate hair products. Curly moments are few and far between, but welcome.
  • 2014: Steph discovers Kérastase Discipline and everything changes again.

Kerastase Discipline Stephanie Fusco review results

A few weeks ago – 6, to be exact – I had the chance to give Kérastase’s new in-salon and at-home Discipline protocol a try. For the last 6 weeks, I’ve been maintaining the treatment at home and I’m ready to share my results!

What is it?

Kérastase Discipline is designed to tackle hair that just plain doesn’t do what you want it to do. Every woman can relate to hair that just doesn’t want to play along. The Discipline protocol helps to make your hair more “obedient” – it’ll be smoother, more supple and blow-dry 33% per cent quicker. Sounds like magic, right? It just might be.

What’s the process?

The in-salon treatment will run you about $140 and takes about 45 minutes plus the time of your blow-dry to complete. It’s a really simple process: your hair is cleansed at the sink and then Soin n°1: Long-Lasting Discipline care is applied at the chair. This treatment is heat-activated, so it’s sealed in with a flat iron once it’s been applied. You’ll have really sexy 90’s hair afterwards:

Kerastase Discipline treatement review

Then it’s back to the sink for Soin n°2: Restorative pro-keratine care. This is highly concentrated professional care designed for instant reconstruction and smoothness. The proof is in the pudding here: I had gone months without a haircut (sorry, Dianna) and my split ends were fierce pre-treatment. This is what my ends look like afterwards:

Kerastase Discipline protocol review


My hair looked amazing the next day – enough so to inspire compliments and questions from nearly all of my (female) coworkers. Every woman knows the real test of any treatment or cut is when you wash and style on your own, though. My first blowdry was magical enough to inspire multiple Instagram photos. It was quick and left my hair nearly good enough to go out after a simple rough dry and a round-brush at the crown (my usual routine). After the addition of my large-barrel curling iron I was ready to do cartwheels of joy.

Kerastase Discipline blowdryKerastase Discipline protocol treatment results review

The at-home maintenance also feels luxurious and doesn’t change your routine at all. The lather you get from the shampoo can only be described as unreal. The tiny amount you need feels silky in your palm and on your hair. I look forward to washing my hair and my hair looks forward to the luxe treatments.

Kerastase Discipline at home treatment


Kerastase Discipline mask review

The best part about all of this? My hair has been so much tamer in the worst of situations. Wind-blown? No problem. Rained on? No usual drowned rat frizz-fest (seriously. Just wet hair like a normal person). Humidity to the extreme? It stays! The system can last about 21 washes when using the at-home system like I have and after 6 weeks, I’m a convert. I’ll be waiting to see how long I can drag out the effects with just the at-home system, but I’ll be back into the salon soon enough!

So, what would I do with 7 extra minutes? Sleep! Now that we’ve improved my hair situation, it’s time to work on my perpetual under eye bags!

It’s your turn!

Here’s your shot to win the new Kérastase Discipline at-home care routine (3 products worth $150)! Use the widget below to enter and good luck!

You could also win a free in-salon treatment on Kerastase’s website as well. Check it out here: http://www.kerastase.ca/en/Discipline