Whip your thirsty three into shape for spring

*** Sponsored post *** This post was sponsored by Lady Speed Stick to share information on the new Lady Speed Stick* Nutra-SkinTM/MC with vitamin E.

Is your skin feeling a bit parched after this extra-long winter we’ve been having? Mine sure is! While we’re all quick to pamper the skin on our face and limbs to protect it from the harshest of temps, there are three mega-thirsty areas that most of us neglect: nails, feet and, yes, your underarms.

Moisturize for spring - Speedstick

I’ve never experienced as much nail-splitting and brittleness as I have this winter. My nails have been, in a word, brutal. I’ve been putting them through nail rehab (more on that another day), but the key is to moisturize like crazy with a specialized treatment. One product I’ve been loving? The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Hand & Nail Treatment.For your feet, give them a good buff then give a foot treatment a try, followed by slathering on a rich cream and locking in the moisture overnight with cotton socks.

To whip your underarms in shape and get them ready for the season of tank tops, give New Lady Speed Stick* Nutra-SkinTM/MC a try. Containing Vitamin E, it is a smooth, invisible formula with over 30% skin conditioning agents to help soothe your dry skin while giving you the 24-hour wetness and odour protection you need in an antiperspirant.

Speedstick Vitamin E

Winter is hard on our hands, cuticles, feet and even our underarms. Tight sweaters, irregular shaving, perspiration and dry air can really affect that precious underarm real estate over the course of the long winter. Before you bare it, prepare it! Nutra-SkinTM/MC, a new product from Lady Speed Stick*, provides moisturizers to soothe and nourish your sensitive underarm area without sacrificing the protection you need and expect from your anti-perspirant.” – Kristen Wood, CEO and creator of The Ten Spot

Lady Speed Stick* Nutra-SkinTM/MC has a fresh, soft scent and is available in stick (45 gram) and roll on (50ml) format for a suggested retail price at $2.99. It’s now available at major retailers across Canada, but you can get a special offer at SnapSaves starting today.

[disclaim]*** Sponsored post *** This post was sponsored by Lady Speed Stick to share information on the new Lady Speed Stick* Nutra-SkinTM/MC with vitamin E. [/disclaim]