Lara Logan – she was asking for it

…at least LA Weekly seems to think she was.

It was reported today that Lara Logan, CBS reporter, was separated from her crew during the celebrations in Tahrir Square, Egypt, and was brutally beaten and sexually assaulted.

While this is certainly newsworthy, it is the type of news that should be handled with dignity and respect for Logan.  Her employers, CBS, managed to report the news with minimal invasiveness and appropriate tact.

LA Weekly took the opportunity to frame Logan as a homewrecking slut who was all but asking for it.

The paper’s headline – Lara Logan, CBS Reporter and Warzone ‘It Girl,’ Raped Repeatedly Amid Egypt Celebration – got them off to a fantastic start.  The paper went on to describe Logan as a journalist known for her “shocking good looks”, a point punctuated by the sexy photo deeming her a ‘firecracker‘.

CBS Photo of Lara Logan in Egypt moments before she was brutally attacked

It didn’t stop there.  They also commented on her “Hollywood good looks“, described her as a “gutsy stunner” and “sexy siren“, reminded us she was a former swimsuit model and went on to describe the “passions” she experienced in Bagdhad.

LA Weekly's Lara Logan - siren, slut, homewrecker

Yes, that’s right. In an article about a woman’s sexual assault, LA Weekly decided to dig up old dirt about her alleged “homewrecking” of a local contractor’s marriage and subsequent love triangle including a fellow reporter.

LA Weekly should be ashamed for publishing such blatant trash.  The rhetoric used in the article reinforces the rape apologist’s argument that women essentially ask for their attacks by being beautiful, available, in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It also reinforces the unfortunately popular belief that situations like that in Egypt are much too dangerous for female reporters.  The last thing any news outlet should be doing when a woman, any woman, is assaulted is to turn what should be a simple report into an expose.  Shame on you, LA Weekly.  Sensationalism has no place in this horrible incident.

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For tactful coverage:

The New York Times

UPDATE:  Simone Wilson, author of the original LA Weekly article, has “apologized”.

The SparkNotes (my) version: Whoops, sorry guys! Seems I pissed a lot of people off by implying Lara was at fault for her own rape.  Don’t put all the blame on me, though. did an article on it too (and they even quoted my silly un-hateful article)! Fox News went after some other dude who made comments that were probably worse than mine. Oh, and NPR deleted comments because they were super-rude.  Anyways, good for Logan for surviving.  xoxo.

Her words:

“Well! Never has this girl’s inbox been so thoroughly inundated with hatred. Scary stuff, guys.

Just so we’re clear: Rape is awful. Logan’s rape was not her fault. Nothing she did before or during the February 11 attack could have possibly invited or justified the heinous crime that was committed against her. And, just so we’re clear, nowhere in providing links to her highly publicized past did we mean to suggest those facts had somehow led to her assault.

Seriously though. We may be wordy and nosy and over-saturated, but we know our human rights.

True,, apparently looking for its own hard-hitting approach to the day’s biggest story, did choose to take that angle — meanwhile reprinting about half our story on its own pages (enough said) — but that was another blogger’s choice.

Fox News, for its part, went after one prestigious New York University fellow and rampant Tweeter in particular, a somewhat public figure who made the mistake of thumbing out some disrespectful blurbs about war mongers and small humor and his own lack of sympathies.

And NPR apparently got so fed up with the hate speech in its comment stream that it resorted to deleting all the nasty ones.

But back to Logan.

We’re mostly just glad the “blonde reporter” is alive today, and hopefully recovering, hopefully well on her way back to fighting the good fight for truth, journalism and girls who happen to fall on the gorgeous side of the fight for truthful journalism.

Things are definitely looking up on that front, seeing as she had the guts to go public with the roughest story of all yesterday: her own.”