How To: Lauren Conrad’s Chic Fun Bun

Hair SOS: What’s a girl to do when her hair’s dirty/frizzy/limp and she’s got to look presentable?

Answer: Why not try a fun bun?

The look, made hugely popular by Lauren Conrad of The Hills, is the perfect ‘do for both casual and formal events. While it’s the perfect way to look like you tried without actually trying, with a sparkly headband the bun is nighttime-ready and completely chic.

You’ll need:

  •  bobby pins
  • a strong hair elastic
  • a teasing comb
Start with hair that’s a bit dirty (between washes) or, for you curly girls like me, hair that’s been washed but roughly dried (still a bit frizzy).
Step 1: Put your hair into a high, tight ponytail
Step 2: tease the ends of the pony until the hair is thick. You want it to be able to form a good pouf. Remember – the more teasing you do, the more dramatic your fun bun will be.
Step 3: Wrap the teased hair around the base of your ponytail to form a bun. Don’t wrap too tightly. Pin the hair into place starting at the back. Use enough pins so the hair is secure!
Step 4: Pin any loose hair at the back of your head using 2 bobby pins in an X. Admire your handiwork.
Step 5: If you have flyaways like I do in the photo above, smooth them out with some hairspray or a dab of pomade. Finish with shine spray if needed.