Lazy-girl summer beauty essentials

I’m going to throw this out there and hope you don’t judge me – I’m a lazy overachiever.

What does that even mean? Well, I’m that girl who sleeps with her makeup on to avoid washing her face (but enjoys the perfect smoky eye the next AM). That girl who does two Whitestrips in a row because she can’t commit to a two-week stint. That girl who layers on a bunch of serums once very couple of weeks because she can’t remember to do it daily.

That’s why I’m all about products that let me multitask, especially when it comes to daily routines.

Colgate Optic White

This superhero toothpaste whitens and brightens like a strip, but does so gently. I saw results in a week, with a serious change in 3-4 (I’m told this is typical), thanks to the same whitening ingredient found in strips. I’m a whitening fiend, so trust me when I say this stuff works. With a summer of bright lips ahead of us, there’s no better way to prep than using a whitening toothpaste daily. Squeaky clean teeth, cavity protection and extra-pearly whites? Count me in!

Bonus: exfoliate lips with an old toothbrush or a washcloth before bed each night then layer on the Vaseline. Totally kissable!

Vichy ProEVEN Daily Dark Spot Corrector

Summer typically means less makeup, so I’m all for a product that moisturises, helps to erase dark spots and gives your skin an instant radiance. Vichy ProEVEN helps to even out your skin without ever being harsh – you can use it all over your face! Along with the longterm brightening benefits of daily use, it also instantly makes your skin glow thanks to light-diffusing particles. Instant gratification? I can get behind that.

YES to Cucumbers Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes

I discovered these little wonders at Natural Product Expo West in California and was instantly smitten. Seriously – I picked up a bulk pack as well as dozens of single-use packs. Safe for sensitive skin, these wipes remove dirt, oil, makeup and sweat in seconds – perfect for lazy girls who “forget” to take off their makeup after a long night or are just plain lazy at bedtime. Even better – thanks to the green superfoods they’re made with, these all-natural, biodegradable towelettes exfoliate, detoxify and rejuvenate your skin all at once.

All products are available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

What are your favourite multi-taskers?

** Disclosure: Products from Colgate and VICHY were provided to me by their respective PR companies for my honest review. **

  • I really love your beauty product reviews – you just showed me products that I wasn’t actively looking for – but now I know that I need to try them. 

    Do you know if the Vichy product will help with scars and dark circles?

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! I’m trying to be more consistent with blogging – need to make time for the things I love doing – so hopefully more reviews coming your way soon!

      I haven’t tried it on scars (my go-to is Bio Oil), but I have been applying it under my eyes. It definitely brightens but I haven’t noticed a huge difference.

      I went on a little Shoppers spree last night, though, and even though it’s a bit premature to say, I’m really loving Soap & Glory’s “You Won’t Believe Your Eyes”. It’s about $25 and it brightens, de-puffs and helps with circles.

    • Kim

      i know it’s great to have beauty tips n reviews you can has a very wide selection of products n most are available in many age category’s you should check them out,any franchise phamacy that have Health n Beauty consulton’s,i’m a die hard fan but i am also open to new all natural products,sensitive skin

  • I love the Stila convertible colour compacts – great for lips and cheeks, and if you’re into pink eyeshadows, you could use it as that too. 

    • Anonymous

      Me too! I find the colour can be a bit matte for lips, depending on the shade, but I always have at least one on hand!

  • I really enjoy the Say Yes line.. and those wipes are no exception. A pack lives in my purse as an adjunct to my larger makeup bag.

    • stephaniefusco

      I’m just a little bit obsessed with the wipes. So glad you love them, too! I’m lucky enough to still have tons of travel wipe samples from ExpoWest – I treasure them! Great for freshening up after the gym, too.

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