First Look: Barbie’s Wearing Hudson’s Bay Stripes This Fall

Take a deep breath and try not to squeal: Barbie is stepping out in the iconic HBC stripes this fall!


Launching online and in stores on October 5, Barbie will retail for $59.99. We’re a bit Canadiana-obsessed, especially when it comes to HBC, and I’ve got a major soft spot for Barbie so it should come as no surprise that I need this.
Barbie is decked out in an HBC striped toggle coat and matching pencil skirt, accessorized with an HBC-striped iPhone case (love!), knit touque, a statement watch and the perfect cognac leather bag. Oh, and she’s brought her pet poodle Hudson along for the ride in the perfect little striped sweater that’s just like my Chloe’s.







Will you be picking up this limited-edition Barbie? I know I will!

  • SuzanneBronkhorst

    I want this…I am obsessed with hbc stripes. My guest room is hbc with either the winter or summer duvet. I have the paddle, the mugs, the candles, the scarves, the mittens., the snow globes., jewelry tray, umbrella….Next is the coat and Barbie:)

  • jackmise

    I want this SO badly, but I have no legitimate reason to buy it!!! Maybe I should just buy the coat for myself? 

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  • spiffykerms

    I want this too!!! I carry my baggu bag (in the HBC stripes) around when I grocery shop, wondering if anyone will stop me and ask if I’m Canadian. Thus far, 0 people have stopped me (lol). 

    Ugh! I LOVE this. Maybe the one and only thing on my Christmas wishlist this year.

  • SuzanneBronkhorst

    I wonder how much she will be?

  • SuzanneBronkhorst She’s about $60.

  • jackmise But the doll is much less expensive than the coat… 😉

  • SuzanneBronkhorst Oh wow! That sounds gorgeous. We’re also obsessed with them – my husband especially. We have the blanket, sweats, some ornaments and he’s got the Lacoste polo from last year. I would loooove the coat someday. And Barbie is a must! Maybe when we finally find a house I’ll steal your guest room idea – Mike would love it 🙂

  • LucindaLynnLawler

    Well for sure I will get her, maybe two or more, for my US doll collector friends. I have the first, actually two of them!

  • LucindaLynnLawler

    Two more photos…

  • LucindaLynnLawler Oh I love this! Thank you so much for sharing