Little Luxe-uries

If you’re a friend, follow me on Twitter or peruse this blog on a regular basis, you probably know I’m a beauty junkie. I’ve got that coveted-yet-embarassing VIB status at Sephora and whoever found my lost Shoppers Optimum Card probably had a field day with the points. It’s no surprise that when I heard about Loose Button’s Luxe Box I knew I had to get my hands on one (or three…or five..).

A short while after signing up on the site’s waiting list, I received my first invitation to order. Being the sample freak that I am, I signed up for the site’s 3-month program ($33.87). Loose Button kept me updated on when my Luxe Box would be arriving & even sent me a handy tracking code so I’d be able to track the package. This came in mighty handy during a long day at work – knowing my Luxe Box was waiting for me at home made the day go faster!

The Luxe Box itself is sturdy, chic and beautifully wrapped with patterned ribbon.

This month’s goodies were explained on an insert – super-helpful, especially for blogger-types like myself!

And now, what you’re all waiting for – the contents:

  • Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (retail value: $50)
  • China Glaze (retail value: $7)
  • Consonant Body Organic Olive Oil Body Soap (retail value: $12)
  • Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex Day Serum (retail value: $65)

And now for the product reviews…


Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

I’ve been meaning to try out Dermalogica products for awhile, so I was really excited to see one included in my May Luxe Box. The product is actually a powder that activates on your wet hands. Although my skin isn’t particularly sensitive, I was glad to read that the product contains no artificial fragrance or colour. After a week late nights at work, the rice-based enzyme powder left my skin smooth and glowing. I’m going to finish the sample before deciding, but I have a feeling this will come into regular rotation in my skincare regime. I’m also inspired to check out other Dermalogica products!


China Glaze

Although most Luxe Box recipients got a mini-polish, I was chosen to receive a full-size version. I’m a fan of China Glaze products although I usually default to purchasing OPI or essie (my last China Glaze polish came from a TIFF afterparty swag bag).  The colour is a strong metallic, one of summer’s hottest trends. I think it’ll make the perfect poolside pedi.


Consonant Body Organic Olive Oil Body Soap

This 100% natural and organic soap is now living on the loofah it came with in my shower. This was the one product that came in my Luxe Box that I think will need a few more uses before I can properly review it. The hard rectangular shape makes it a little awkward to wash with, but it definitely gave my skin a clean, smooth feeling.


Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex Day Serum

Along with Dermalogica, I’ve also been very curious about Elizabeth Grant products (especially the Socializer. Anyone want to hook a beauty junkie up?). This product is billed as an anti-aging serum that is good for all ages. Although I’m in my 20’s, I’m still conscious about preventative care, so this product could be a good start. I needed additional moisturizer after applying the serum, which left a bit of a sticky feeling on my face. However, my skin had more of a glow than usual. I’ll keep using this product (a really big sample!) and cross my fingers for some more great results.

After testing all the samples from my Luxe Box, I’m definitely happy I signed up. I’m already looking forward to what June’s Luxe Box will bring, and with upcoming brands like NARS, Benefit, Clinique, Stila, Dior and more I know I won’t be disappointed. Get your own Luxe Box at, connect with the company on Twitter (their community manager Abigail is a sweetheart!) or find them on Facebook

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