Summer LUSH Haul from my couch!

Shocker of the century: I don’t really love shopping online. I know, right? Sure, I love to scroll away to my heart’s content, but I’m a really tactile person and really do prefer to shop in-store. With that said, when I know what I want and can get it online, the convenience just can’t be beat. LUSH is one of my favourite shopping experiences, but I can’t always make it to the store (there are only a few locations near me). So when they asked me to give their new shopping app a try and offered up a $75 giftcard to facilitate my browse…well, of course I jumped at it.


Be warned: you can shop from your couch. And it’s addictive. Crowdsourcing from fellow beauty-lovers (shout-out to the VIB Rouge Club) and my husband, the not-so-secret Lushie, I filled up my basket with some new goodies and old favourites. Keep reading for my review of the new LUSH Cosmetics app (for iOS) and my haul!


The Lush app is the first shopping app I’ve tried and, I have to say, it’s a little too easy to order up my favourite goodies right from my couch. The app has lots of white space, which lets LUSH’s colour scheme pop and also shows off the products in the best way. I love how you can choose to shop by feeling, scent and “new” along with the usual categories – it was such a fun and different way to shop for LUSH products. I really didn’t miss the desktop experience at all.



When I said I went to town, I meant it. You might have already seen my haul on Snapchat, but If you haven’t…


When I said I really went to town, I meant it. Also, see those timestamps? I really did browse the app for over an hour…during which I consulted with both my hubby and beauty-loving girlfriends to make sure I wasn’t missing out on any must-haves.

I ended up choosing the middle of the road shipping option, but the package arrived within a couple of days which was a nice surprise! Is there anything better than receiving a fragrant LUSH package?


The Big Blue bath bomb is already a new favourite – the seaweed is so moisturizing! – even if Mike thought I was bathing in bleach when he spotted the bright blue hue. I’m also really happy to have finally purchased the Buffy bar – here’s hoping it works wonders on my chicken-skin arms. The Salted Coconut Hand Scrub definitely does the trick, but it smells a bit like Play-Doh. I also really enjoyed my first Emotibomb experience – Up You Gets was the perfect pick-me-up!



LUSH is generally such a tactile shopping experience for me thanks to all the bright sights, yummy smells and fun demos. The app will never replicate that, but they’ve certainly done a great job with trying! The products are easy to find and add to your cart and I loved the different ways to filter products. I felt like I could scroll forever and loved the opportunity to see reviews on each product page. I discovered so many new products that I might never have approached in store.


My one gripe isn’t really app-related, but it’s a necessary call-out: Lush’s shipping costs are HIGH. The cheapest option is $6, which really isn’t that much but is definitely a surprise. I Considering the alternative is driving to Yorkdale or the Eaton Centre, the $6 fee wasn’t *terrible*, but I wish they followed suit with other online retailers and waived the fees after a certain order threshold.


If you love LUSH, definitely give the new iOS app a try. I really enjoyed shopping on the go and will probably use it again for my next order. It was quick, convenient, and oh-so-pretty.

Let me know what you think of shopping apps in general & my LUSH picks below! And..if you should so happen to have a recommendation for a LUSH product I should buy…leave it in the comments! 

[disclaim]While this was not a sponsored post, LUSH did facilitate my review by providing a $75 gift card. As always, my opinions are my own. [/disclaim]