A trip to the Pleasure Store, anyone?

Yesterday is what we like to call Fake Friday – a Friday that falls during that magical time between May and September where those of us who work in agencies get the Friday *and* the Monday of the long weekend off. Fake Friday is usually just a joyous day, but yesterday was a bit more off the rails than usual. You see, the Pleasure Store moved in across the street.

Yes, the Pleasure Store. It’s not what you’re thinking (although we did have a “pleasure” sighting at work yesterday that wasn’t related to the deliciousness I’m about to show you):


This really happened. It was more graphic than you’d think. Giggles, commentary and applause were abound – we were, after all, mature adults witnessing live, unadulterated pleasure. (yes, passed out guy is fine – he woke up later that afternoon after an 8+ hour snooze)



Anyways, shortly after the #sextent sighting, my coworkers began filtering into the office from lunch with these delicious-looking ice cream bars covered in a variety of toppings. They directed us to the Magnum Pleasure Store across the street at 11 Bloor St. W. and our day became doubly magical and pleasure-filled.

Magnum Pleasure Store Toronto Storefront


Yes, this is a bespoke ice cream bar pop-up shop by luxury ice cream bar brand Magnum. Inside the beautifully-designed shop, you can pick a chocolate or vanilla bean ice cream bar and customize it with a variety of delicious toppings and choose your chocolate coating + drizzle. Pleasure, indeed.

Magnum Pleasure Store Toronto How To

Magnum Pleasure Store Toronto Toppings


For $6 each, fellow community manger Megan and I had the most delicious ice cream bars we’ve ever had. I chose to top a milk-chocolate-coated vanilla bean bar with toffee bits, coconut, rose petals and dried strawberries and added a white chocolate drizzle. I also asked for “the golden touch” – gold leaf flakes!

Magnum Pleasure Store Toronto Golden Touch 2


Doesn’t that look mind-blowingly delicious? It was. Apologies in advance to my personal trainer – I know I’ll be paying for this later, but it was so so so incredibly good.

Magnum Pleasure Store - Bespoke Ice Cream Bars


When you ask for “the golden touch”, you’re also gifted with a beautiful gold nail polish (while supplies last).

Magnum Pleasure Store Toronto Golden Touch


The Magnum Pleasure Store will be at Yonge & Bloor in Toronto for the next month. Bespoke ice cream bars are $6 – well worth it!

Magnum Pleasure Store Toronto Hours

Make sure to ask for the Golden Touch + tag your instagram photos (you’ll want to share this) with #MyMagnum.

*Disclosure: Since I’m always suspicious when I see posts like this…Found this little guy all on my own, with the help of my savvy ice-cream-loving coworkers! All photos from the Magnum FB page. Go visit. Seriously.