Eating with your hands on a date is awesome: Medieval Times Toronto (+ a giveaway)

You know those things in your hometown that everyone seems to want to do when they come visit…but that you’ve never done yourself? Medieval Times fell into that category for me. I feel like there was this window where everyone went (with school or their parents) and I didn’t, thus missing out. A little while ago, the window reopened. Mike and I were out with another couple and the guy mentioned that he wanted to go to Medieval Times. Game on. (read on for your chance to win an evening for 4 at Medieval Times Toronto!)

Imagine my surprise when, shortly after, I got an invite to check out a media preview of Medieval Times Toronto‘s brand new show. I of course jumped on it and invited the other couple, Joe & Julia. They’d gone a few weeks before, but didn’t let that hold them back. We had the best time.

The experience:

The show takes place on the CNE grounds in the Toronto Castle. The castle sets the mood for the performance from the second you walk in – it’s stone, be-flagged and drafty. After our photoshoot with the princess, we wandered around the gift shop/holding area as we waited to be called into the arena. Wooden swords were purchased. Have I mentioned we’re 5 years old?

After the proclamation, we were called by our colours into the arena. Since we had yellow cards, we were seated at the far end of the arena. We quickly realized there are no bad seats in the entire place (although we thought ours were pretty awesome). As we donned our crowns (my favourite accessory ever), our very own wench came by with some swampwater and took our drink orders.

Soon after, it was time for the show to begin! It was all very majestic and exciting. Between the horses, the fog, the lighting and the music, I got really swept up in the moment.

We were introduced to our knight, the luscious-locked Yellow Knight. I never thought I’d find a man in chain mail foxy, but he had a certain charisma about him that left me secretly lusting after the roses he later tossed. We locked eyes once (don’t tell Mike).

The show itself was pretty awesome. It was high-energy, although kitschy at times, and definitely entertained. We all got pretty into it – at one point, I was pretty sure Joe was contemplating jumping into the arena himself. There are dressage elements, which means the horses basically dance to the music. I find this highly amusing in general, but these horses do awesome stunts.

It’s appropriate for all ages, but there are some parts that made the adorable little girl next to me hide and cringe (mainly the ‘deaths’ of certain knights). Also, I’m terrified of birds and there’s an awesome part with falcons. They literally swoop right next to your head. Awesome…but terrifying (for me).

I visited with my nemeses (the falcons) after the show

I know you’re curious about the food, so without further ado…

The menu:

  • Garlic toast (delish, but I wish we’d gotten more than one piece. Ours came way before the soup and I have zero willpower when it comes to garlicky buttery carbs.)
  • Tomato soup (not creamy like Campbell’s, but more of a rustic tomato sauce feel. Tasty)
  • Half a roast chicken (I probably would have eaten it straight off the bones even if forks and knives had been available. It was melt-in-your-mouth awesome)
  • Spare rib (mine was kind of fatty but overall tasty)
  • Apple pastry (Massive. Flaky. Sweet. Delicious.)

You definitely won’t go home hungry. I wasn’t expecting much from the food, and was pleasantly surprised. They must do something special to the chicken there, since it’s some of the best chicken I’ve ever had. Seriously.


Also…you eat with your hands. Have I mentioned that yet? I’m not as ladylike as I like to let other people think I am, so getting to eat with my hands in public was a real treat.

The verdict:

Go! If you’ve gone before, now’s a good time to go again – they’ve changed up the show and the score and the experience is wonderful. Whether you want to bring your kids or go on a date, I guarantee you’ll have a fun time. How can you go wrong with tasty treats, majestic music, strong horses and hot knights?

Go for the food, stay for the pony ballet.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring home some sweet swag for your pup.

Since I had such an amazing time, I’m offering up a set of 4 passes to go see Medieval Times’ new show here in Toronto!

You can go anytime (except for the 9PM show on New Years Eve). This would make the perfect holiday gift, girls’ (or boys’!) night or double date extravaganza. Remember: you’re responsible for your own parking, accommodations and travel but they’ll provide the food + entertainment!

All you have to do:

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