Gifts For Mom

Finding the perfect gift for Mom is no easy feat. For the less creative among us, Mother’s Day can feel like a wash/rinse/repeat of flowers/candy/bath year after year. Now: what I’m suggesting today won’t be groundbreaking, but they might stray a bit out of the norm (or at least offer it up in a way Mom hasn’t seen before). Read on for the best mothers day gifts.

Best Mother's Day Gifts Last Minute

Comfort food from a new mom just might be the best gift for you mom. Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings is chock-full of easy, down-home recipes that Mom can add to her repertoire. It’s OK to be a bit selfish and buy this because you really want to try her cornflake French toast. ($30)

For a feel-good twist to gifting, give Mom this cozy infinity scarf that checks all the boxes: local, sustainable and charitable. Canadian fashion brand MIIK teamed up with Nanny Angel Network – a charity dedicated to providing in-home childcare support to moms with cancer – to create this limited-edition, lightweight scarf. 50% of sales will go directly to NAN. ($55)

A relaxed mom is a happy mom. Canadian brand Saje’s Goddess euphoric bath salt soak promises to soothe anxiety, pamper her skin and encourage feelings of confidence. ($24.95)

Stephanie Fusco baby

Stephanie Fusco Bridal Shower

Mom + me at my birthday party (1989) & bridal shower (2015)


Gift your bombshell mama with a Rose Bombshell bath bomb from LUSH. While it’s pretty from the get-go, the bomb will release a flurry of real yellow rose petals as it fizzes away in her bath. ($6.95)

Whimsical, sophisticated and something she’d probably never buy herself, these bold jammies turn a luxurious extra-long Sunday morning into a fashion experience. Mom will strut her stuff in these striped & floral Kate Spade PJs from Linea Intima. ($139)

Whether she’s toting essentials for the school pick-up line or for a beachy afternoon, this canvas cabana-striped Roots tote in coral or mint does the job in the chicest way possible. Stuff it with some easy reads for extra credit. ($49.99)

Running a bit…late? You don’t have to show your true procrastinator colours to Mom thanks to Tonic Blooms. The flower delivery service’s Bloom Box combines top-notch local artisans with a classic flower bouquet for a gift that is thoughtful with only 2 hours’ lead time. ($88 including bouquet)

If you’d rather go the experiential route, why not try Le Dolci’s 6-week Baking Bootcamp ($450)?

That’s all for now! What will you be gifting your mom?