Music Monday: Gaga, Robin Thicke & Katy Perry

Could anything possibly make a Monday better? Short of a caffeine IV, I know that’s a tall order…but this music might do the trick!

First up is Lady Gaga’s first single from ARTPOP, Applause. It was originally slated to drop next week, but she’s getting ahead of the snippets that leaked this weekend by sharing it today.

Fun, right? Typical Gaga. I can’t wait to hear the rest of her new album!

Katy Perry is also dropping a new single today: Roar, from her new album entitled PRISM.

I’m very nerdily enjoying the sheer amount of emojis in the lyric video. Well played, Katy.

Finally – have I mentioned I’m meeting Robin Thicke tonight? Because I am. Visa is one of my clients and they host really cool concerts for the Visa Infinite Music Series. Tonight’s is a super-exclusive concert (about 60 people) with Robin Thicke! We’re getting a Q&A, Meet & Greet and a concert at an amazing venue. Shannon is coming – I told her about the concert during our drive out to Boots & Hearts and she checked her wallet only to find out she does have a Visa Infinite card…resulting in her purchasing tickets right from her iPhone – and we’re not so secretly hoping something like this goes down:

At the very least, we’ll be getting up close & personal with our buddy Robin. Try not to be too jealous 😉

Expect photos from the concert tonight on both my personal handle + @VisaCA! We’re taking questions for the Q&A online all day today – just tweet them to #InfiniteMusic + #AskRobin and I just might ask him for you tonight.