Narcissists rejoice: Facebook personal promoted posts roll out in Canada

Last week, my friend Wesam took a pretty awesome photo of two cats in Jordan. I couldn’t resist sharing it on the Temptations Canada page and, obviously, shared the post on his wall to say thank you.

Imagine my surprise when Facebook asked me if I, for a small price, wanted to promote the post.

Facebook - Personal Promoted Posts

For the low, low price of $6.70 USD, Facebook will increase the likelihood that more of my friends will see this post on Wesam’s wall.

Facebook - Personal promoted posts - payment

As a person with many friends on Facebook who already self-promote, I’m a little nervous about what this change will bring. As a person who self-promotes the very blog you’re reading, I’m curious about what exactly this will mean for individual users. Where Facebook will tell a brand just how many impressions they would likely receive through a promoted/sponsored post, they’re not providing the same transparency for individual users.

Some unanswered questions:

  • If I have 1,000 friends on Facebook, how many will see it?
  • If I promote a post made on a friend’s wall, will my friends see it or theirs? Will the promotion depend on their privacy settings?

Will you take the plunge to promote a personal post? What kinds of things would you promote?