Support Cuddly Animals – National Cupcake Day is coming!

If you don’t like deliciously sweet, creamy cupcakes and cuddly, snuggly animals, this would be the time to leave. I’m assuming none of you have left yet, so let’s continue. Meet my little munchkin, Chloe! She’s six and a half and hails from Quebec (via Kingston) and has been in my life since my third year at Queen’s. Let her little eyes implore you to help…


The third annual National Cupcake Day is coming up on Monday, February 23 which means it’s time to bake a difference by whipping up some delicious cupcakes and selling them to raise funds for your local Humane Society or SPCA. If you’re not so great in the kitchen, you could also send e-cupcake cards to friends & family and donate the funds. Last year raised over $500,000 for SPCAs and Humane Societies across Canada! Along with being a hero at work for bringing in delicious cupcakes, you’ll also be helping out animals in need by raising funds. Sign up to be a host at – it’s free and you’ll get a fun welcome kit to make your ‘cupcake party’ that much better!

Support SPCA National Cupcake Day 2015

As an animal-lover and proud mom to two furry munchkins (Chloe Bear + Gatsby the Catsby), supporting the SPCAs and my local Humane Society is so important to me. So many animals are not lucky enough to have found pet parents who keep them warm, safe & healthy – that’s where your local SPCA or Humane Society comes in. These wonderful places help adopt out animals who don’t have homes, of course, but also provide medical care and support to the neglected, abandoned and abused animals who often land on their doorsteps.

Chloe Fusco

Along with National Cupcake Day, there will also be two Twitter chats to raise awareness about the fundraiser during which you can win some awesome prizes. Join the chats hosted by the lovely Christine Pantazis (@CPantazis) on February 3 @ 8PM EST (RSVP here) and February 5 @ 8PM PST (RSVP here). We’ll be chatting about pet insurance with @PetsPlusUsCan, baking cupcakes + the idea behind #CupcakeDay! You could win a pet grooming kit from Conair, Cuisinart Stand Mixers12 Cup Cuisinart Muffin Pans, and even a copy of Charmaine Christie of The Messy Baker’s new book.

Rebecca Bree x Sleep Shirt cute puppyWe want to make sure all pets have une Bonne Nuit in a warm home and get the care they deserve, just like Miss Chloe Bear up there! Now…to decide what kind of cupcakes to whip up! Let me know your favourite recipe in the comments.

[disclaim]This is a sponsored post for a cause I really believe in and have supported for the last few years. Please consider participating in National Cupcake Day! [/disclaim]