New Year’s Eve survival kit – 2013 edition

The most overblown night of the year is upon us. Are you prepared?

Even though I just referred to New Year’s Eve as overblown, it’s actually a night I really enjoy. Come on – carte blanche for glitter, sparkles and champagne and the promise of a kiss at midnight? I’m all in.

I’m go between being the most prepared person in the world (think checklists, emergency kits + to do lists galore) or the most disorganized (see: getting locked out of my work email because I forgot to change the password pre-holidays). In the spirit of the New Years Eves past where I’ve forgotten at least one thing, here’s my list of must-haves for New Years Eve:


Nail it

If you’re organized, you’ve had this done already. If you’re disorganized like me, you’re DIYing down to the last minute. This year, I used Sally Hansen’s new Salon Effects French Manicure strips on top of Essie’s Luxedo. You can skip time by applying these to bare nails instead of over a contrasting polish, but I really love the look of silver-on-black for NYE. The whole ‘manicure’ takes 15 minutes and should last you over a week. Forgot a pedi? Swipe on some glitter polish to hide chips in an old nail job or over the whole nail for a foolproof + fast-drying fix.

Spray On

On nights like NYE where you’ll be sweating, braving the elements and wanting to be out all night long, hairspray is a must. My go-to is L’Oreal Elnett – you can brush it out and it’s never crunchy. It comes in a handy purse-size, too, great for packing in your overnight bag.


Have you figured out what you’re going to do with your hair yet? If you’re fresh out of ideas, go with a simple bun using a mesh hair donut (about $10) and forget about your style for the night – it’ll hold magically! If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, blow dry your hair with a paddle brush and curl your whole head using a 1.5″ iron as a curling want. Use lots of hairspray with both styles for extra security. Pack bobby pins in your bag for midnight hair emergencies or in case your zipper breaks. Looking for a little extra glitz & glam? Pick up a hairclip with some sparkle.

Eyelashes + Lash Glue

If you’re ever going to try out falsies, New Years Eve is the time to do it. It’s also the #1 night where I pick up either lash glue or lashes and forget the other. Learn from my mistakes! Pick up some flares for barely-there glam or a full set for wow-factor eyes. My favourite glue of the moment is DUO, but the key with any glue is to let it sit for a bit and get tacky.

Happy feet

No one wants to be the girl complaining that her heels hurt. I’m always that girl – limping around in my Jimmy Choos and seriously contemplating bare feet by 10pm. My go-to fixes are Dr. Scholl’s Ball of Foot cushions for comfort, Heel Liners to keep my feet securely in sky-high heels and Rub Relief Strips for shoes that rub the wrong way. Once I’ve reached the point of no return, foldable flats like Damn Heels do the trick.


Spanx are your friend, ladies. No matter how large or small you may be, the addition of foundation garments will make you feel that much more confident in your dress – even if it means you’ll be in a Bridget Jones-esque situation later in the evening. If you’ll be traipsing around the city, consider a pair of tights for a little bit of warmth – I love Secret hose. Along with lash glue, I’m always scrambling for pantyhose the night of (luckily my mom plans for this and has stockpiles in her closet).

In Your Clutch

Along with a New Years dress that might not leave a lot to the imagination, it’s probable that your purse is itsy bitsy too. Pare down to the basics: mints, lip balm, lip gloss/lipstick for touchups, an eyelash curler to re-open your eyes after a few too many bubbles, concealer. Throw in a few bobby pins for emergencies and a hair elastic or two.

Don’t forget: ID, credit card, debit card, health card, party tickets + cash (a few $5, some $20s and stash a $50 in a zippered pocket if you can). If you have space, pop in your phone charger – especially if you’ll be Instagramming all night. If you’re planning to take a cab, consider an app like Hailo to simplify the experience of trying to hail a cab on New Year’s Eve. Be prepared for some waiting time and chaos, though.

In Your Overnight Bag

Spending the night? Don’t forget to pack baby wipes (to remove makeup & freshen up after a night of dancing), under-eye cream, Aleve + EmergenC, moisturizer + something to sleep in. Oh, and your Starbucks card. I have a feeling you’re going to need it come morning.


Did you remember to buy champagne? I thought so 😉 if you’re anything like me, it’s the one thing that never gets forgotten on New Years Eve. Have a safe, exciting and fun New Years Eve, friends! xoxo, see you in 2013.