Not Myself Today

How are you feeling today? Don’t say “fine” – how are you really feeling?

Too often, this question is answered flippantly and without giving thought to what our mood actually is that day. Worse, we might be afraid to share how we’re really feeling for fear of discrimination, scrutiny or pity.

This April, the Not Myself Today campaign is working to mobilize Canadians to pledge their support for mental health and adopt a transformed understanding of what it is like to live with and seek treatment for mental health problems or illness.

“All Canadians have had days when they didn’t feel like themselves – maybe they have felt anxious, stressed or even depressed – paying attention to these feelings is part of taking care of one’s own mental health,” says Partners for Mental Health President Jeff Moat. “It is our hope that Canadians will begin to think about their own and others’ mental health, to learn about the serious gaps that exist today in treatment, support services, research, funding and public understanding, and rally together to show compassion and solidarity for those living with mental illness.”

How can you help?

Visit to sign the online pledge for mental health and pin your mood to the mood map. Feel like sharing even more? Join the conversation about mental health by posting videos, audio recordings or short essays online about your own personal experiences with mental health.

So, how am I feeling today? On edge & anxious. You might know the feeling – weird flutters, tight chest, fight or flight. I couldn’t tell you why, but I can tell you it’s unsettling and something I experience on an on-and-off basis. Sometimes it lasts for an hour, sometimes for a week. Sometimes I go weeks without it. What I do know is that it helps to talk about it. Acknowledging the feeling is, for me, the first step in making it go away. I’m not myself today.

How are you feeling today?