Nothing but good (times, friends, food) at #ChobaniTO

Last night was awesome. I’m actually still basking in the afterglow of my awesome evening and it’s noon!

One of my favourite brands on social media (and in my fridge!), Chobani, invited me to attend a blogger dinner at The Terrace @ The Fifth Grill and I immediately responded with a yes. I’ve had a serious love affair with Chobani ever since I first tried it at the Hip Urban Girl Champagne & Cookies holiday party and often go out of my way just to grab a couple cups.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect and I also didn’t think I would know anyone there at all. The nerves faded away the second I arrived at the event and was ushered into a retrofitted service elevator. I found myself chatting (work, weddings, boys…what else) with Wendy from Hip Urban Girl and Amanda from The Hot Plate within seconds. Minutes later, I met Lindsey from Happy or Hungry and it was like we’d known each other for years. I guess that’s what happens when you mutually stalk on the internets…

Downing pea soup with Lindsey from Happy or Hungry

We also began getting plied with canapés within seconds. The amazing team in the kitchen at The Terrace had incorporated Chobani into their delicious dishes (recipes to come) – yum! We sampled seared shrimp with Cho-infused guacamole, chilled pea soup with a dollop of minty Cho, pizza, chopped salad, spanakopita…the list goes on. Check out Lindsey’s blog for food photos – I was evidently too busy scarfing things down to document it on instagram.

I couldn’t resist wearing my summer new lace-backed coral dress from Anthropologie…and apparently Lisa couldn’t resist trendy coral either! Cute, huh?

One of my favourite parts of the event (aside from the food, of course!) was getting to meet and talk to new blogger friends. So many events in Toronto rely on inviting the same bloggers, and I loved that #ChobaniTO allowed lifestyle, fitness, health and food bloggers to mix and mingle. Everyone was super-friendly and had so much to share with one another.

Also awesome: Chobani’s team flew in from NYC! Although Emily couldn’t make it, Lindsay was there and had exciting news to share with us all! More Chobani is coming to Canada! Not only are they bringing in more flavours – you know, the ones we drool over when we see bloggers in the US eating them – but they’re also committed to manufacturing in Canada with Canadian milk! I, for one, can’t wait.

Nothing but good (clean?) fun - bloggers + the PR ladies! (photo via Happy or Hungry)

As if that news wasn’t amazing enough, Lindsay capped off her mini-speech with the announcement that the parfait bar was open. Yes, Chobani parfait bar. Is this real life? What ensued can only be described as girls gone wild.

Girls Gone Wild - Ali from Running with Spatulas + Lindsey from Happy or Hungry

I, of course, exercised complete self-control.

OK, I’ll be honest – I ate it all. Then I packed up another and brought it home for breakfast. Even though it’s thick, creamy and a little tart, it’s also practically guilt-free: 0%, protein-packed, low-sugar yogurt. Yum!! Of course, when I went to go eat it this morning, this little glutton demanded she be included:

Thanks again to the wonderful teams at High Road Communications + Chobani for hosting – I had the absolute best time ever.

Want to follow some awesome new bloggers?

Check out: Ali at Running With Spatulas, Lindsey at Happy or Hungry, Gillian at Battle of the Bites, Britta at Red Bike in a Grey World, Christina at Stars in the City, Stephanie at Snacking on Sunshine, Amanda at The Hot Plate and Megan at The Gut Gazette. (ladies – did I miss you? Leave me your URL in the comments!)

  •  Aww, such a fun time. It was so nice to meet you FOR REAL.
    I wish it was still last night so I could re-eat all that deliciousness…

    • stephaniefusco

      I’m re-living the magic with my boyfriend via the photos on your blog right now. Salivating like Pavlov’s dog. Let’s meet up again soon! I can introduce you to that awesome martini bar in your new hood (and my friends who live there).

  • Britta

    I’ve said it a million times, but one more can’t hurt! SO GREAT to meet you last night, love the post 🙂 

    • stephaniefusco

      Haha! Definitely going to be my motto from now on – so awesome to meet you, too!

  • hahaha what a great night and recap Steph….love the last pic 😉 

    • stephaniefusco

      Chloe is a super-eater – she really can’t control herself….kind of reminds me of us last night 😉 

  • It was so great to meet you last night!! Love the puppy pic and the fact that I’m still eating my mason jar full of Chobani! I hope to run into you again soon! 

    • stephaniefusco

      I’m so proud of myself for having a bit of leftover mason jar goodness left haha. Yay, Steph! Lovely to meet you, too – can’t wait for the next time 🙂 

  • Emily, Chobani

    Thanks for the post, Stephanie! I was there in spirit, and reliving the night through all of your wonderful recaps. Hope to meet in person soon!


    • stephaniefusco

      Can’t wait for the next time! We all certainly love taking photos, so get your picture face ready 🙂 

  • Claire Larocca

    the parfait bar looks like heaven! Love that Chloe gets to partake in the festivities…. 🙂

    • stephaniefusco

      Claire – IT WAS SO GOOD. We need to recreate it…maybe as a post-5k reward?

      Also – Mike was unimpressed that I didn’t make a quip about “Chlobani”. So there, imagine that’s the caption. Chlobani – for the spoiled pup in your life.

  • I love your recap of this amazing night! It was definitely so much fun and the food was great! It was awesome meeting you, hope to see you in the future!

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