Obsessed: Starbucks x alice + olivia Holiday 2013 collaboration

The cutest tumbler to ever exist is coming to stores on Saturday. The newly-announced Starbucks x alice + olivia collaboration is quite possibly the most adorable and covetable collection I’ve ever seen.

If you tell me you don’t want these, I might be a little hesitant about why you’re here:

Starbucks alice + olivia collaboration

Tulle! Stripes! Bows! Gold dots!

Excuse me while I compose myself. 

Available this weekend in Canada (Friday online at starbuckstore.com and on Saturday at participating locations), the 12-oz. tumbler will retail for $21.95 in Canada and the Bearista will sell for $21.45.

Starbucks alice + olivia striped tumbler - dots bows tutu
Starbucks x alice + olivia striped tumbler

It’s a splurge I’m willing to make – I already have plans for who this little bear would make an excellent gift for (self excluded, although it would be right at home with my Missoni animals from Holts last year….) and know I’d be gutted if I couldn’t get my paws on the tutu-d tumbler. (PS. The tutu is removable, should you work in an office that frowns upon such lovely things [for shame!] or if you need to give your tumbler a bath)

Starbucks x alice + olivia Bearista
Starbucks x alice + olivia Bearista

If I see you in the streets with a tutu’d alice + olivia Starbucks tumbler, you will most certainly get a smile (and probably a high 5). Happy shopping!