Obsession: Goody Double Wear hair elastics

I’m a frequent victim of photobombs. No, it’s not an annoying friend or an adorable animal that’s popping into my photos – it’s my hair elastics. Thanks to hair that likes to explode elastics or frizz unexpectedly, they’re a fixture on my wrists (and in my car, on my desk…you get the idea). All too frequently, I’ll even head out to a formal event with one on my arm. Luckily, my mom’s eagle eyes generally spot them before I head out the door.

Enter: Goody Double Wear hair elastics. These little gems are your standard black Goody hair elastic, but with a twist. They’re adorned with metal tubes. I was a bit skeptical, but after wearing them for two days I can say that they wear like a bracelet and blend in perfectly with my Tiffany beads!

These days, I’m sporting a serious arm party and loving that it no longer looks absolutely ridiculous. The elastics retail at $4.99/package (for 3 elastics or 2 headwraps) and come in silver or gold. You can find them at WalMart + Loblaws, as well as other retailers that carry Goody.

Having metal on an elastic sounds like a recipe for disaster, but I can assure you that it won’t snag on your hair. The only change from a regular Goody elastic is a) how they look on your wrist & b) an extra bit of bling in your hair.

Here’s Chloe sporting the Goody Double Wear headwrap in silver. Doesn’t she look fab?


Are you a frequent elastics-wearer? Will you be trying these instead to classify your look? Have you tried them already? Let me know!


Disclosure: These products were provided to me by the PR company representing Goody Canada. I know you trust me to provide unbiased opinions & reviews of products so this is exactly that!