Obsession: Goody Double Wear hair elastics

I’m a frequent victim of photobombs. No, it’s not an annoying friend or an adorable animal that’s popping into my photos – it’s my hair elastics. Thanks to hair that likes to explode elastics or frizz unexpectedly, they’re a fixture on my wrists (and in my car, on my desk…you get the idea). All too frequently, I’ll even head out to a formal event with one on my arm. Luckily, my mom’s eagle eyes generally spot them before I head out the door.

Enter: Goody Double Wear hair elastics. These little gems are your standard black Goody hair elastic, but with a twist. They’re adorned with metal tubes. I was a bit skeptical, but after wearing them for two days I can say that they wear like a bracelet and blend in perfectly with my Tiffany beads!

These days, I’m sporting a serious arm party and loving that it no longer looks absolutely ridiculous. The elastics retail at $4.99/package (for 3 elastics or 2 headwraps) and come in silver or gold. You can find them at WalMart + Loblaws, as well as other retailers that carry Goody.

Having metal on an elastic sounds like a recipe for disaster, but I can assure you that it won’t snag on your hair. The only change from a regular Goody elastic is a) how they look on your wrist & b) an extra bit of bling in your hair.

Here’s Chloe sporting the Goody Double Wear headwrap in silver. Doesn’t she look fab?


Are you a frequent elastics-wearer? Will you be trying these instead to classify your look? Have you tried them already? Let me know!


Disclosure: These products were provided to me by the PR company representing Goody Canada. I know you trust me to provide unbiased opinions & reviews of products so this is exactly that!


  • Anonymous

    I saw these in the store and thought they were such a good idea! My hair is short now though so I don’t get much use of elastics these days but these would have been perfect for me before.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t realize you chopped your hair! Must feel awesome. I loved when mine was short. I’m completely obsessed with these elastics – I seriously wear one every day. They’ve come in so handy. Unfortunately, they look so much like bracelets that I find myself searching for other elastics even when one’s on my wrist! 

  • I love Goody hair bands. I miss them ever since Shoppers stopped stocking them. I’m always on the go, so it would be nice to wear them on my wrist without it obviously looking like hair elastics.