Old dogs, old tricks

Canada, welcome to election season! With our 41st election upon us, there’s no doubt that politicians and their respective parties will be pulling out all the stops to attract new voters & retain their base. That’s all well and good, but…

Is a little originality too much to ask for around here?

First we had the tired old attack ads. I know, they work. They motivate the electorate, etc. But let’s drop the pretense and treat voters like the intelligent beings they are, ok? Make claims that can be backed up instead of just using a soundbite to ‘prove’ a tired point. I’m not a Green Party supporter, but I’m a big fan of this anti-attack ad:

Now, in a ploy to capitalize on that shred of humanity they were able to coax from Harper in 2009, the Conservative Party is bringing back his same tired old trick. Beatles songs on the piano. Really?




Harper 'jams' with Bryan Adams at 24 Sussex


It’s a tired act. We get it – he can play piano (on a stage, with a celeb, with a little girl). How about showing us what else he can do?

Nobody wanted an election. However, it’s here. All we can do now is go along for the ride and get informed. Is it too much to ask that the parties give us a little more than the status quo? Motivate Canadians to vote.


PS. While we’re at it…how about taking a look at a more proportional system?

Big Parties from Fairvote Canada on Vimeo.