Out with the old, in with the new at #BB7FanNight

We’ve been together for a few years now. It started casually, but soon I was smitten. At first only a couple of my friends were interested but now I’d say about 80% have found one of their own to love. I’m not talking about my boyfriend (although it may as well be) – I’m talking about my BlackBerry! Although I love my iPod and my MacBook Pro, when it comes to smartphones I’m Berry-monogamous. Earlier this year I attended the fan launch for the BlackBerry PlayBook at Parts & Labour and loved every second, so I jumped at the chance to attend the launch for the new BlackBerry smartphones.

Held at Easy & the 5th, the launch brought together BlackBerry-loving social media addicts and the lucky Twitter contest winners who will be receiving the new device of their choice in the near future. I brought along my boyfriend, Mike, returning the favour from when I got to attend the Spy in July party. As soon as we walked in, we were mesmerized by the wall of shiny new BlackBerries.

Barely stopping to grab a drink at the open bar, we made a beeline for one of many tables set up around the venue where we could play with the new devices. Although I’m not a fan of slider phones, the new Torch was smooth and really responsive. The new Bold is the thinnest Bold ever; super slim without compromising a full QWERTY keyboard and offering a lightening-quick touch screen. Also super-impressive was the entirely touch Torch. The device can only be described as incredibly sexy and the touch keyboard was really responsive and easy to use. I’m eligible for an upgrade with my carrier and I’m 99% sure I’ll be picking up the new Bold. I love the idea of being able to keep my beloved keyboard while still having the tactile, quick experience of a touchscreen. Don’t buy how excited I am? Check out my unadulterated glee as I hold the Bold that will soon be mine.

The feature that wowed me the most was how the Wikitude app meshed with the completely social BBM6. The app uses augmented reality to allow you to scan the room at, say, a party and see who is using BBM and what they’re doing. Of course, the app only works when other people have it installed, too, but the possibilities are amazing. I can see this being especially useful for PR pros wanting to interact with those at their event and for online friends meeting IRL for the first time.

These days, no event is complete without a fun photo booth. At #BB7FanNight, Polite in Public ensured we’d have a multitude of memories from the night. I dragged my boyfriend into it a few times and also got a couple pictures with the wonderful Jordana Stein (407 Jade) and fellow blogger Valerie Stachurski (I’m Charming You).


We also ran into the beautiful and talented Melissa Retty from Edelman (kudos on a fab event!), Dan Levy (Levy News Network) and Shannon Hunter. As you can see from the Foursquare check-ins wall, the event was well-attended by Toronto’s social media scene.

Beyond the who’s-who of Toronto’s social media scene, there were a few celebrity sightings to be had. While Twitter informed us that Deadmau5 and some of the cast of Degrassi were there before we arrived, we didn’t expect to bump into Ben Mulroney on our way in. Both Mike & I were excited to spot Joe Carter, a childhood hero for both of us. He kindly obliged us with a few photos (definite framers).

Overall, it was a really fun event that got us even more excited for the new BlackBerry devices. I can’t wait to have my very own! Thanks again to the team at Edelman for the invites. The amazing swag – Skull Candy earphones! – lessened the blow of not bringing home a new BlackBerry of my own.

Which device will you get?