Pack your bags, campers: Wet Hot American Summer First Day of Camp is here!

Cancel your weekend plans: you’re going to Camp Firewood. All weekend long. Or at least, as long as it takes you to burn through the Wet Hot American Summer reboot on Netflix (4 hours, since there are 8 episodes).


I had the chance to preview the first three episodes of the campy, cult classic last week and never wanted the night to end. Yes, it was that good. No, I’m not lying. I know that’s really tough to believe since it’s often so hard to revive a favourite, but Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp does it with ease.

Playing off the spoof of an entire last day of camp taking place in an hour and a half in the original, First Day of Camp is the prequel. In the first three episodes I previewed, there’s a toxic sludge storyline, a camper becomes a woman (literally) and you find out what made Gene (Chris Meloni), well…Gene.

The best part? The 30-and 40-something actors reprising their teenage roles make no qualms about letting you know that yeah, they look a bit older than they used to. I can’t wait to see the rest of the episodes and will be hunkering down tonight with some homemade pizza and wine to burn through the rest of the season.  I got distracted by pizza and popsicles and watching every one of the episodes with my sister wife aka condo-mate Lauren and never posted this.

In Jennies Kitchen Pizza Dough HomemadeMargherita / spinach, sundried tomato & goat cheese / pepperoni & mushroom / funghi with fresh parmesan and truffle oil – homemade dough recipe via Jennifer Perillo’s Handmade with Love

Take a Megabite Homemade Peach Pie PopsiclesPeach Pie Popsicles in my fancy new retro popsicle mold, recipe via Take a Megabite

So, I can tell you that we’ve watched the entire season and it’s so good. Seriously – how did they get so many amazing people to participate?! If you do one thing this long weekend, watch this series. And make sure to make something delicious to go along with it. I won’t be upset if you copy us 😉

See you there, campers!