This will be our year

The warmth of your love is like the warmth of the sun and this will be our year, Took a long time to come

Take a trip to Texas this Spring

All of this warm weather has almost fooled me into thinking spring is here, but I think we all know that’s not the case. Either way, these sunny faux-spring days are the perfect chance to bust out the spring nail polish colours and at least pretend flip-flop season is nearby.…

Lara Logan – she was asking for it

When CBS reporter Lara Logan was subjected to a brutal sexual attack in Egypt, LA Weekly journalist Simone Wilson took it upon herself to blame the victim.

Profess your love (online?)

Happy Valentine’s Day! In honour of Barbie & Ken’s reunion, here are the best ways people have used the internet to profess their love.

Social Media Success Story: QMP

How do you get Rick Mercer to attend your event when he’s declined invitations in years past? You reach out through social media. Each January, students from Queen’s University take over the House of Commons in Ottawa, Ont. for Queen’s Model Parliament.  Prominent Canadians, usually politicos and journalists, are invited…

Pepsi: Thin is In

Thin is in at New York Fashion Week this month – but this time we can’t blame the fashion industry. Pepsi is releasing a “slim, attractive new can” that is the “perfect compliment to today’s most stylish looks”, according to Jill Beraud, chief marketing officer, Pepsi. But Pepsi doesn’t stop…

Social Media Sweethearts

Ken wants Barbie back and he’s pulling out all the stops. To help him out, Mattel has launched a serious social media campaign that’s sure to get Barbie’s attention!