Painted Love

Until last week, I had exactly one style of jeans in my closet. They’re dark wash, they’re skinny, they go with everything. You could say I was in a bit of a jean rut. Seriously, who purchases multiples of the exact same jean and wears them to shreds? [They’re these ones, if you’re curious.]

Leather Jacket Boyfriend Jeans Outfit Inspiration Spring 2016

Then I spotted these online. I hemmed and hawed. I went back and forth on potential styling options with my cube neighbour. I ordered two sizes and then waited a full week before trying to wear them. But oh, I’m glad I did. These painted boyfriend jeans are an easy weekend wear that manage to look, shall we say, rebelliously polished. As a bonus, each pair has a unique paint pattern.

Stephanie Fusco - Painted Jeans - Spring 2016

Painted Jeans & leather jacket: Banana Republic / Necklace: Kate Spade / Sunglasses: Prada / Button-down: Pink Tartan / Shoes: Vince Camuto

Paired with colourful pumps, a silk + jersey button down, my favourite statement necklace and leather (because it was a bit chilly on Sunday), they make for the perfect outfit. I’ll even say it’s a cool outfit, because my husband’s 21-year-old cousin told me it was. So there you have it.

How to Roll Boyfriend Jeans Boyfriend Jeans Styling Painted Stephanie Fusco Painted Boyfriend Jeans Pink Tartan Button Down

Spring leather Banana Republic Pink Tartan

If you’re going to order them, I’d recommend ordering your usual size and one size down. I ultimately ended up keeping my regular Banana Republic jeans size, but I did prefer how the leg looked in the smaller size. I may still get them tailored to taper the leg a bit – we’ll see!

Stephanie Fusco - Charlie D'Amico Stephanie Fusco Kitten Charlie

Charlie was into them too, but you wouldn’t know it.

What’s your spring must-have? 

P.S. Mike wants you all to know that he took these photos. In that he demanded a photo credit. So here it is. My husband went all Instagram Husband on me and finally snapped some outfit pics. Rejoice!