Housewarming Girls’ Night In with Palm Bay Spritz!

For nearly two years, it seemed like “life after wedding” would never come. As it approached, I kept on making plans with girlfriends – concerts, calligraphy classes, trips – for “after the wedding”, this seemingly mythical place. Now that it’s here, it’s absolutely flown.  


It’s been over a month since we returned from our honeymoon – isn’t that crazy? Although I’ve been seeing my girlfriends on a pretty regular basis, none of them had actually seen our finished condo! So many came over to help me set up, clean and mull over where I would actually put all of those pots & pans and tchotchkes I’d accumulated, but the finished product remained a secret.



Last weekend, Palm Bay gave me the kick I needed to host a girls’ night in by offering up some of their fruity beverages and party essentials…including the two very handsome men that arrived while I was on a conference call. Since we lovingly refer to our condo building as “The Ship”, I decided to give our Girls’ Night In a bit of a nautical/cruise ship/tropical twist.



DSC04463 DSC04465

Since no party I throw is complete without a candy bar (thanks, Palm Bay!) and a photo booth, I created a flip flop backdrop with your average party store fishing line decorations and left my Sony a5100 and INSTAX Mini nearby as gentle encouragement. When it comes to parties, I can’t leave well-enough alone so I created little personalized drink flags out of gold washi tape – the best 5-minute DIY. 


I also took the opportunity to use all those wedding gifts to whip up some tiny, tasty treats and the #1 girls’ night essential: a cheese platter. Oh, and coconut angel food cake. Along with waistline-friendly veggies in dip (mostly untouched, let’s be honest…), I served up spiced curly fries, Caprese skewers and coconut chicken bites. OH yes. 



Now – I’d tell you way more about our girls’ night but most of those conversations are heavily classified. I kicked the hubby out and we were 100% left to our own devices until we had a male infiltrator around 10 pm – one of the girls’ new boyfriends. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.


The poor guy walked into 4 PR girls trying to take the perfect Taylor Swift-Inspired confetti throw photo/video. As we do. But hey, we got a group photo out of it and they’re still dating so no harm, no foul.

DSC04504 DSC04516 DSC04517

Thanks to all my ladies for such a great night and Palm Bay for sending over the perfect elements for a Girls’ Night In, especially the deliciously tropical bevvies! I can’t tell you how amazing it was to sit down and catch up with the girls – we had the most stress-free and giggle-filled evening. I can’t wait for the next round of housewarming celebrations xo

DSC04560 DSC04564

[disclaim]Disclosure: this post was sponsored by Palm Bay. As always, I’m sharing this product with you because it’s something I love – it’s delicious! [/disclaim]