On Mondays we play with peonies

I’ve discovered the best way to start the week. It involves fluffy blooms, the sweetest treats and some gabby girlfriends. A few weeks ago, I spent the evening at Pink The Town’s Peony Party – an evening that included all of those things and more! I spotted the event announcement on Instagram and immediately texted Stella to see if she’d be up for it. We have basically all of the same interests and pretty pink peonies rank fairly high on that list, so she was an immediate yes. Flash-forward a few weeks and we’re mildly soaked from a downpour en route and basking in the girly awesomeness that is Bicyclette on Queen W.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Being visually assaulted by all the flowers is an amazing way to spend an evening, wouldn’t you agree? Because I have zero restraint, I dressed for the occasion in a bright floral frock I’d picked up over the weekend at Anthropologie’s Summer Tag Sale. Too many flowers = not a real thing.

Pink the Town Peony Party - Sweet Woodruff

Hosted by Amanda from Pink the Town, the floral workshop featured a flower arranging demo by Sweet Woodruff, White Peony tea from David’s Tea, peony-inspired manicures from LUX-SPA and a gorgeous sweet table from one of my favourite vendors in the city, Lisa from Le Dolci! On top of all that, we got to pose in a mega-floral photobooth set up by Beaus & Belles and got 15% off at Bicyclette Boutique for the evening.

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Armed with special flower snippers, a pink vase filled with water and the expertise of Sweet Woodruff’s leading ladies, we got to work on the bunches of peonies, greenery and roses we were each handed. The first step to flower-arranging success? Something to keep the flowers in place! Sweet Woodruff prefers to use floral frogs (little spikes that sit at the bottom of the vase/arrangement) and floral tape, which is what we used during our peony party. Creating a tic-tac-toe-type grid with the tape, we were able to arrange our flowers with ease.

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The ladies from Sweet Woodruff recommended starting off with greenery around the outer areas of the arrangement-to-be and playing with height for a pleasing arrangement. After placing the greenery, I was able to see where I should pop in my peonies for a picture-perfect arrangement. OK, it wasn’t entirely picture perfect – one lesson isn’t about to turn me into a pro! – but the little vase-ful of prettiness was way nicer than any I had created in the past. I know this because my mom didn’t immediately re-arrange it as she generally does when I put flowers into a vase under my own steam.

Pink the Town Peony Party - Sweet Woodruff flowers Toronto


Stella and I had a great night and I can’t wait for the next Pink The Town event! It was such a  great mix of ladies, including Jenny from CrazyStyleLove and Gaby from The Vault Files  – I loved that we got to catch up over the fluffiest peonies ever and delicious treats.

[disclaim]Stella and I both bought tickets to Pink The Town’s peony party. I’m sharing this with you because we had a great time and can’t wait for the next one![/disclaim]