The Best Bachelorette Weekend Ever #MiamiThenMrs

If you’re reading this, it means I survived my bachelorette weekend in Miami Beach! At Christmas, my girlfriends surprised me with a trip to one of my favourite cities to celebrate my upcoming wedding. And then they continued to surprise me by refusing to let me be a part of any of the planning.

Bachelorette Party Reveal
Stephanie Fusco Bachelorette Party Miami

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m incredibly Type-A and details-driven and absolutely love planning celebrations. My girlfriends managed to keep me in the dark about just about every detail and, let me tell you, they did an amazing job. The bar has been set so incredibly high!

Stephanie Fusco Bacehlorette Party group

We decided to visit on the long weekend in May so we could enjoy a full 4 days in the Miami sunshine. The girls found the most amazing Airbnb that slept 7 of us comfortably and also allowed us to cook some meals. It was also directly on the beach – hello! Not to give you delayed FOMO, but check out our view:

Miami Beach by day
Miami Beach view - Stephanie Fusco Bachelorette

Knowing my love of details, the girls pulled out all the stops and looked to my second-most-worshipped deity, Lauren Conrad, for inspiration. They likely also emptied the stock of all the Etsy shops.

Almost too cute to eat… Almost🍪. #donttellmrtell

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Lauren Conrad-inspired cookie favours bachelorette Bling & brawn cookies

Tropical Breakfast Bachelorettepersonalized shot glasses [source]

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 3.15.42 PMa headband in lieu of a veil, scoped from my Pinterest board [from]

Love and Lions Bachelorette party tattoosmetallic gold tattoos (!!!) [from love & lions on Etsy]

Stephanie Fusco Bachelorette Pink Tartanthe prettiest metallic gold calligraphy sash [from Le Petit Mariage on Etsy]

Bachelorette-ing in Miami Beach

In terms of activities, they left no “bachelorette” moment left un-experienced. Along with “forcing” me to wear my sash and Future Mrs. headband pretty much everywhere, I completed a photo scavenger hunt, visited an erotic museum when our afternoon tea party fell through and sat front row at a Magic Mike-esque show. Yes, we did ALL the things. I loved it.

Sangria bachelorette party miami beachSangria @ Lincoln Mall

Pina Colada Bachelorette Stephanie FuscoPina Coladas @ our Airbnb

Naked Taco Miami Beach menu

Naked Taco Miami Beach Bachelorette
Dinner and all the margaritas (and tear-inducing hot sauce) at Naked Taco. We had the best waiter ever here and had a hilarious evening. It’s no La Carnita, but the ambiance was top notch and we had the best time.

Yardbird Southern Miami Beach Brunch review

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 3.40.27 PM
All the fried chicken & the Southern food of our wildest dreams at Yardbird. You mean most people don’t stuff their faces like hunger monsters on their bachelorette weekends? Make sure to visit Yardbird if you’re in Miami – the best meal we had while we were there! It’s not that we consider ourselves fried chicken connoisseurs, but yeah.. we just might be. And this is the best we’ve ever had.

Hunkomania Miami Beach - Stephanie Fusco
Photo with another bride - Stephanie Fusco - scavenger hunt

A hot & steamy, cover-your-eyes kind of night at Hunkomania Miami. Mom – don’t worry – this was more Magic Mike than Bada Bing off the Sopranos. There was a lot of giggling, a lot of beverages, and a whole lot of bachelorette panty shots. Yes, the ladies show off more than the men in this show. If you visit with a bachelorette or birthday party, you have the option of sending your friend onstage (for lots of $$$) where they’ll be tossed around by the brawny, shirtless men. But if you do that, tell them to wear full-coverage grannies (or pants) – we saw way too much from the front row! Definitely a must-go for a hilarious bachelorette experience, but make sure to get the VIP seats if you don’t want to stand in the back. Also, say hi to my new bachelorette friend from Montreal!

Bridal Scavenger Hunt
Bridal Scavenger Hunt MIami Beach

All the scavenger hunt photos. If you plan a bachelorette, make sure to do one of these – it forces you to interact with the most interesting people ever. 

Shake Shack Miami Beach Bachelorette

Shake Shack. Nearly a religious experience. Best consumed right before the drive to the airport.

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt - phone numbers

Honing my pick-up/phone number-getting skills & enjoying a 60oz marg. Both hilarious for other people.

I had the most amazing bachelorette ever and can’t thank my girlfriends enough – especially my chief planners, my magnificent MOH Amanda and party-planning soul sister Stella.

Stephanie Fusco Bridesmaids recreation shot movie