Our Games Night with Pop Stream!

When I say condo life is like res life, it’s no joke. We’re lucky enough to have friends in our building and then another few sets of friends across the street – luck of the draw! This means that every night has the potential to be awesome, but we mostly just sit around and watch TV together or hit the gym.

Pop Stream game Spin Master christmas gifts

Well, this week was a bit different. We got rid of our Monday night blues with an impromptu games night, complete with a little too much healthy competition, some adult beverages and tasty treats. Our game of choice? The new POP STREAM trivia game. This was potentially a dangerous choice since my husband is a serious movie buff and we opted for boys vs. girls, but I digress…

Pop Stream Trivia Game Spin Master Review

POP STREAM is a fun new way to enjoy movie trivia with your friends – it’s almost like being on a game show, but in your own living room. Overall, it’s a very cool app / IRL experience – the box includes a dock for your tablet, a game board and betting tokens. You align the game board with the visuals on the app and it knows what’s going on using the front-facing camera on your tablet. Super cool. The app also keeps score for you using this front-facing camera technology – no cheating allowed! Well, sort of. We’ll talk about the cheating later…

Ricotta Raspberry Cake

Along with charging up our tablet and downloading the POP STREAM app, I put out plates of pita chips & salsa (our guests’ favourite) and whipped up a quick & easy raspberry & ricotta cake. Our holiday decorations made things even more festive than usual as we crowded around the tablet at our kitchen table.

Pop Stream Review

Ultimate Movie Trivia Game Pop Stream Review As you run through the game, you’re shown hundreds of actual movie clips on your tablet and you answer questions based on that. The questions could be anything from putting scenes from the movie in order to identifying what’s happening in a scene to identifying a movie poster. It was fun but it was challenging!

Pop Stream Movie Trivia Game Review

Spin Master Pop Stream Review

One of my favourite aspects of the game: if the first team chooses to “pass” on their question, the next team will win double their bet. They’ll also lose double the bet if they get it wrong. Let’s just say a certain team *cough, the boys* would “pass” on questions immediately to try to force the fair, fun-loving second team into the wrong answers.

Holiday 2015 gifts Pop Stream Trivia

Long story short: we had a really fun night playing the new POP STREAM trivia game from Spin Master and would definitely recommend it for an exciting night of healthy competition among friends. Prepare for things to get heated! 

Pop Stream Review How To Play I’d tell you to pop this under the Christmas tree (or Hannukah bush) but you should probably have Santa drop it off a bit early so you can play it with family & friends throughout the busy holiday season!

Pop Stream App

Pick it up for $29.99 at a store near you and make sure to follow Spin Master on Twitter & Pinterest to stay on top of all the fun toy news!

[disclaim]This post was sponsored by Spin Master to help promote the new POP STREAM movie trivia game! As always, I’ve partnered with Spin Master because they’re a company I believe in – and think you’d love, too. [/disclaim]