PR Star: Mark’s Work Wearhouse pulls Caterpillar boots

It’s rare to see a company’s Facebook page blowing up for a good reason, but that’s exactly what’s happened to Mark’s Work Wearhouse.

In a move that’s elicited a hugely positive response from consumers, Mark’s Work Wearhouse decided to pull all Caterpillar brand boots from its London, Ont. stores, showing solidarity with local workers after the company shut down a plant in the city.

Impressively, this is only a small sample of the posts that have plastered the company’s Facebook page. Even more impressive is the individual response to each and every comment, even responding into the wee hours of the morning.

PR agencies everywhere should take note. This is how you do ‘good PR’. The company tapped into the feelings of customers and managed to get massive amounts of earned media and positive customer response from the simple move of pulling a product from local stores. It was a risk, but it paid off and has afforded the chain a new brand of customer loyalty.

Kudos, Mark’s Work Wearhouse.

  • I tend to disagree, this is a good story but there’s no way it originated from the PR department. Very few companies would let their PR team even close to determining which products are sold and where. However, their handling of it on Facebook was great 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Kat – agreed that this likely didn’t originate from the PR department, but I’m sure it was passed by them and leveraged by them. I think the most impressive thing about this is how the community manager has responded to each and every post on the wall.