Prime Time

Every girl needs a great primer, no matter her age.  They provide a smooth base for makeup, help control oil, and keep everything in place.  If you need it, they also help to fill in lines & wrinkles and make it easier to cover pesky blemishes.

I’ve tried a lot of primers, but only two have really made the cut.

Summer (& All Around Winner): Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

This product has been a favourite of mine since it came on the market.  I’ve gone through dozens of the tester tubes of it and recently upgraded to the full-size version.  It has a fantastic consistency – not too thick or too thin and is silky smooth.

There’s a slight difference in consistency between the pump version (comes out more of a thick liquid) and the tester/mini size (more of a whipped consistency) but the application is all the same.

Using this primer, any foundation instantly looks better.
If you tend to have oily skin, try the “Light” formulation.  It keeps oil at bay while still providing the same benefits as the “Original”

Winter: Stila Hydrating Primer with SPF 15

If you are looking for a primer that hydrates and prepares your face for makeup, look no further.  This is my favourite winter primer for a good reason – skin tends to be a lot dryer in the winter and it can be harder to get that extra glow.

This primer not only protects your skin from the harsh weather and sunlight (it includes SPF 15!), it also moisturizes.  If your skin is a little oily, steer clear or apply a mattifying product or a thin dusting of powder.  I have combination skin and find this works perfectly with foundation and my usual bronzer routine.

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